Norican Digital’s Refill Monitor

Norican Digital has launched its digital product Refill Monitor which, uses real-time sensor data to improve the productivity and uptime of casting lines. The system is also simple to install on existing facilities.

Refill Monitor uses sensor generated data to ensure dosing furnaces (e.g. Westomat) or bale-out furnaces never run low on metal, maximising machine productivity and uptime.

Refill Monitor is a tool that employs real-time production data to manage multiple casting lines. It ensures the timely supply of molten metal and avoids over filling. The data driven solution also helps operators to ensure that the correct alloy is supplied to each machine.

The power of sensor data for optimum refilling
One Refill Monitor visualises up to eight casting lines. It can be retrofitted on any dosing or bale-out furnace. It is web connected and requires minimal installation effort, with IoT infrastructure provided by Norican Digital.

When developing Refill Monitor, Norican Digital worked collaboratively with StrikoWestofen engineers who embedded their foundry and engineering expertise to maximise functionality and optimise the technology for Westomat owners.

A key component of Norican Digital’s powerful IoT infrastructure is the NoriGate data gateway which captures and collates sensor intelligence, enabling it to be visualised on a dashboard and empowering operators with the information they need to make decisions critical to maximising uptime.

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