Norton X-Treme flap grinding discs

The X-Treme R828 is a unique high performance flap grinding disc from Norton, offering a higher and faster metal removal rate than standard products. Designed to work on both carbon steel and stainless steel, the X-Treme R828 discs can provide a 20% increase in cut rate and 30% increase in product life, according to Norton.

The X-Treme R828 is made using a special polycotton backing designed to offer a consistent wear and a longer life. 100% Norzon grain guarantees a fast and aggressive cut in all conditions. This enables X-Treme to perform at optimal level longer than other zirconia flap discs.


The Norton X-Treme R828 125 mm flap discs are characterised by the latest generation of zirconium abrasive grain, sustainable and innovative binding system and are optimised for controlled abrasion characteristics. The X-Treme discs can be used when working with steel, and are also suitable for stainless steel, inconel, chromium, cobalt, titanium and other difficult to machine materials. The Norton X-Treme flap discs are equipped with a heavy polyester support, for the purpose of additional tool life.

Optimised mix of polyester and cotton impregnated with new Norton technology resins system offers a perfect support, longer life and comfort during use (less vibration).

100% Norzon grain coating offers an extremely high and consistent cut rate, thanks to the strong and continually sharp grains. Performance and durability are enhanced compared to standard product.

Bonding system
A high performance resin system – developed to be compatible with the cloth backing – works together with the 100% Norzon grain thus improving grain retention under tough working conditions.

For further information contact Willie Gillan of Norton on TEL: 012 657 2800.