O.M.LER decoring benches and hammers

Decoring of castings in a foundry is not one of the most sought-after employment opportunities but is a necessary operation in the foundry. Removal of the core and core residue from the casting is usually done by introducing impact energy (using a hammer or vibration/swinging energy) and the broken mould material is then disposed of or more likely to be sent to a reclamation plant.

Foundries want to clean castings quickly and thoroughly and meet the strict quality requirements for further processing.

O.M.LER s.r.l., with its head office in Italy, are an international leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of pneumatic decoring hammers for foundries, and are able to provide different models of hammers for all decoring applications.

O.M.LER decoring stations and decoring benches are designed for hammers to be fitted and fixed to the structure and to work in both vertical and horizontal positions. Decoring stations and benches are designed to work with one hammer up to four hammers.

O.M.LER decoring benches allow the castings to be either manually or automatically loaded and unloaded. By using a robotic arm, the castings are automatically placed in the same position in a pre-set jig. The decoring unit is mounted into a certified soundproof cabin which can be designed to include a hopper to collect the spent sand or with a conveyor belt to remove the sand from the cabinet.

O.M.LER s.r.l. designs and manufactures decoring benches in accordance with the particular needs of every customer. Thanks to several years of experience in decoring equipment the O.M.LER s.r.l. team is able to find the right solution for every customer.

O.M.LER decoring pneumatic hammers are used to remove the sand cores from cast iron, aluminium and steel castings, such as cylinder heads and engine blocks. Different hammer models allow for the right solution for decoring every type of casting.

Investment casting foundries
Although often used in the automotive industry, the pneumatic decoring hammer is also relevant for other sectors. O.M.LER hammers are also used in investment casting foundries to break or remove the investment casting ceramic shells. Consequently, O.M.LER has become a member of the European Investment Casters’ Federation (EICF) for the year 2020. EICF is a federation that joins together the investment casting foundries and their suppliers. Being a member of it is a great opportunity to know and be known in the market of foundries that adopt the investment casting process.

O.M.LER and sister company O.M.LER 2000, offer hands-on design expertise and practical know-how regarding decoring equipment.

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