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Company Profile
The Italian mechanical company O.M.LER srl was established in 1974 by the Lerda family as a production company. In 2001 it became a real estate company. Starting from October 2014 it assumed the new configuration of a commercial, real estate and production company. From this point onwards it has specialised in selling the pneumatic decoring hammer for foundries with the brand name O.M.LER 2000. O.M.LER 2000 is the sister company located a few hundred metres from the O.M.LER srl facility and it manufactures all internal mechanical spare parts for the pneumatic decoring hammers.

In 2017 the company expanded to an industrial warehouse of some 2 000m2 for the development of new equipment and of complete turnkey lines to pair with the hammer for foundries. A qualified and specialised staff divided into assembly and production areas allows the company to be in step with modern technology.

Over the years the company has developed a widespread sales network that reaches European countries, and overseas ones, like USA, Mexico, Latin America, Far East and South Africa. This has been possible thanks to the sales and technical staff who worked hard to get O.M.LER’s products, in particular the pneumatic decoring hammer for foundries, out there and known and appreciated all over the world. The company has multilingual sales and technical staff and can give after-sales support to customers. Furthermore, repair service activities for European customers are carried out at the Italian headquarters, whereas for the overseas clients this is carried out at the company’s official distributors’ facilities. The countries, where an O.M.LER’s official distributor is located, are: U.S.A., Mexico, China, India, South Korea and Indonesia. In South Africa the company cooperates with its official agent: Globen Engineering Services & Supplies.

Pneumatic decoring hammer for foundry and monitoring system Thor V4.0.
O.M.LER srl has in cooperation with its sister company O.M.LER 2000 designed and manufactured the pneumatic decoring hammer for foundries for several years. The O.M.LER decoring hammer is used to remove the sand core from cast iron, aluminium and steel castings which are produced in foundries using the gravity, low pressure and lost wax process.

Two different decoring hammer models are available, RVC70 and AF1470, and each one has three versions, Standard, MBR and MBL, depending on the kind of casting to decore. For each model and each version, the AIR-equipment is available: This special equipment is highly recommended if the hammers work in a decoring station with rotation movement or if they work from the bottom upwards.

To check the hammer’s performances during operation O.M.LER recommends using the monitoring system Thor V4.0: A dedicated device that detects the hammer’s frequency by beating.

Decoring bench
O.M.LER srl designs and manufactures decoring benches according to every customer’s needs. A decoring bench is a fixed decoring station where the pneumatic decoring hammers are fastened to the structure and after the necessary adjustments they work in a fixed position, both vertically and horizontally. The hammers used are usually from 1 up to 4. O.M.LER’s decoring bench is the right solution to decore small batch castings.

With this kind of equipment, the castings can be manually or automatically loaded and unloaded, using a robot outside the decoring unit. The castings to be decored will always be placed in the same preset housing that has to be manufactured according to casting size. Furthermore, the unit is placed in a certified soundproof cabin which can contain inside a hopper to collect sand or a conveyor belt to carry outside the sand removed by the casting.

Decoring machine DCB18
The new decoring machine DCB18 is an innovative piece of equipment because it can continuously rotate up to 360° in both rotation directions without stopping the beating movement of the decoring hammers fastened to its structure. This makes it possible to remove sand cores from foundry castings in a more efficient way. The decoring machine DCB18 allows the simultaneous decoring of several cast iron, aluminium and steel foundry castings using at least a couple of hammers. So, for this reason, O.M.LER’s decoring machine DCB18 is the right equipment to decore big batch castings.

It is equipped with housings where from 2 up to 4 castings can be placed. The housings can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ requests. The castings positioning in the housings can happen both manually or automatically using a robot outside the decoring machine. Furthermore, with this kind of decoring machine no eccentric masses are used, reducing in this way the frame resonance. The machine is placed inside a soundproof cabin manufactured in accordance to the European law EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and UNI EN ISO 11690-1. The cabin can contain a hopper or a conveyor belt to take out the removed sand.

Partnership with the South African company Globen Engineering Services & Supplies
As written above, O.M.LER srl has a capillary distributor network all over the world in the most important markets for the foundry industry. In South Africa the company is represented by the enterprise Globen Engineering Services & Supplies through an agent partnership. Globen Engineering is engaged to promote O.M.LER’s products among the South African foundries to which they can give all technical advice and support the customers may need.

Monitoring system Thor V4.0.

RVC70 pneumatic decoring hammer

AF1470 Pneumatic decoring hammer

AF1470 Pneumatic decoring hammer back couplings

Example of a decoring bench

Decoring machine DCB18 – external view

Decoring machine DCB18 – internal view