Omega celebrates 30th anniversary

Representatives and guests from all over the world attend function in Peterborough (UK).

Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd celebrated its 30th anniversary in June with 150 staff, clients and guests and agents from around the world. The festivities began with a tour of the company’s head office facility in Morley Way, Peterborough, which is situated in the county of Cambridgeshire in the east of England, followed by lunch. In the evening guests were invited to a medieval themed event at Belvoir Castle, north of Peterborough. For the evening event the international guests were asked to wear their national dress.

“The 31 countries represented at the 30th anniversary celebrations for a global no-bake equipment supplier are testament to what the company has achieved in just three decades,” said the company’s chairman Mark Fenyes.


Chairman Mark Fenyes addressing clients, agents, guests and staff on the occasion of Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd’s 30th anniversary

The company was originally known as Baker Perkins and began to function independently in 1984 after a successful management buy-out, headed up by Fenyes. Since then, the company has continued to specialise in the manufacture of equipment for the ‘chemically bonded’ or ‘no-bake’ process in the foundry industry.

Feynes himself has been in the foundry industry for all of his working career, having started off as a sand technician at Renishaw Foundry in the UK.

“I left school at 16 and started work at the foundry in Sheffield as a metallurgical trainee. At the same time I went to night school at the local college and qualified as a metallurgist after six years.”

“I then left the foundry and joined a supplier to the industry and was based in Birmingham for some time before being sent to the USA on a year’s contract that lasted five.”

“The opportunity to join Omega as MD then came up and I moved back to the UK. A year later I led a management buy-out to take over the company.”

So began a “long and happy relationship” he told clients, agents, staff and fellow foundry personnel gathered to celebrate the milestone anniversary of the company.

“Our desire within the company has always been to “be the best”. From an initial compliment of 12 staff the company now employs 230 people, manufacturing a range of mould handling, sand mixing and reclamation, core making and ancillary equipment.”

“In the last 30 years Omega has acquired or formed several strategic companies. Besides Peterborough our equipment is also manufactured and serviced in five other countries. These include Richards Engineering Ltd (founded 1873), which was acquired in 2009 and is a manufacturer of thermal sand processing equipment, Tinker Omega, which is a USA based JV serving North and South America, Omega Sane Foundry Machinery PVT Ltd, an Indian based JV serving the local markets in and around India and WES Omega Foundry Machinery PTY, an Australian based JV serving the local and other markets in the region.”

Omega invested four million pounds to relocate to new premises in Woodston, Peterbourough, UK, which it moved into in June 2012. “It was really to consolidate the manufacturing. We had five locations around Peterborough and I think it’s better for the workforce to combine into one area. That was the main reason, to get everyone under one roof,” said Fenyes.


Local agent Peter Petersen of Mondeco Solutions attended the celebrations with current World Foundry Organisation president Vinod Kapur, who has represented Omega in India for over 20 years

In 2013 Omega, which has had strong ties with Japan-based metalcasting equipment maker Sintokogio Ltd. for more than seven years through a license agreement to manufacture and market the “USR” range of Sinto’s secondary reclamation units, announced an enhancement of the strategic alliance. The alliance is intended to increase the range of products manufactured under license by Omega, further penetrate nobake markets, and improve service and support.

“We have also sponsored Peterborough United Football Club, who are a professional English football side in the League One division, for eight seasons.”

Current World Foundry Organisation president Vinod Kapur, who has represented Omega in India for over 20 years, gave a keynote address.

“Mark is a man with a vision and a passion for the foundry industry. You have to love your work and he does. His strength is also that he gets involved with his head, heart and hands,” Kapur said.

“I am very fortunate to have a great team of people at Omega who have diligently worked to make the company what it is today,” said Fenyes.

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