Omega Foundry Machinery acquires FTL Foundry Equipment

Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd has announced the successful acquisition of the business assets of FTL Foundry Equipment Ltd (FTL).

FTL was formed in 1964 and originally specialised in large-scale foundry projects, including automated moulding lines, long campaign cupolas, chemically bonded sand equipment and latterly large non foundry recycling projects.

“It is our intention to incorporate the spares and service for existing FTL customers into Omega, thereby benefitting our revenue stream, whilst at the same time increasing our exposure both in the UK and certain overseas territories where FTL is active,” said Mark Fenyes, Chairman of Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd.

“It is also our intention to retain some key employees from FTL to help with the transition period. Going forward we will also be able to supply all parts and service.”

“This is another milestone for Omega and it will help us achieve our goal of being the ‘preferred supplier’ to the industry,” said Fenyes.

Omega builds the largest rollover in the company’s history
As part of a large contract for an overseas aerospace foundry, Omega has just finished pre-despatch tests on a ‘Size 9’ rollover. The machine stands at 6.3 metres in height and weighs 34 tons. It will be capable of rotating and stripping a mould with dimensions of 3 500mm x 2 500mm x 875/875mm.

“This is the largest rollover ever made by Omega and, as far as we know, by any other manufacturer as well,” said Fenyes.

“The design is such that it can be split in two for transportation and shipping. It has dual oil motor drives with other standard Omega features such as hydraulic powered carriages, encoder motor rotational control and multiple ‘proof of draw’ sensors.”

“The unit has been designed to strip the moulds that are produced on a large flaskless Omega shuttle moulding line that will be producing large parts in both aluminium and magnesium for the helicopter industry.”

For further information contact Roy Dias of Endeco Omega on TEL: 011 907 1785 or email, or Peter Petersen of Mondeco on 079 448 1277 or email or visit