On-line Shop streamlines purchasing, maintenance and spare part management

Production is often seven days a week, 365 days a year, so intelligent spare part management is indispensable to guarantee maximum availability of the facility. An important part of this spare part management is the fast restocking of spare devices, spare parts and consumables. With Endress+Hauser’s Online Shop, one can streamlines the process for replacing or sourcing new measuring instruments.


Reduced effort when reordering devices and spare parts
Endress+Hauser’s Online Shop brings benefits across the organisation. Maintenance employees’ benefit when replacing or sourcing new instruments as products can be quickly and easily configured. Delivery times and prices are also clearly visible to simplify budget planning. Once complete, product data can be forwarded to the purchasing department.

Order directly online with your agreed prices
Orders can be placed directly via the Online Shop in line with agreed pricing conditions and, using the online tracking facility, orders can be viewed at any time to determine order status. The Online Shop allows simple, efficient reordering through the use of product lists. Easy ordering of measuring devices increases availability of the production facility.

Consulting and support for metrological design when needed
The Online Shop can further improve your maintenance processes. All Endress+Hauser products can be designed in accordance with the technical requirements. Delivery times and prices are immediately visible and time-consuming inquiries can be significantly reduced, since consultation is only needed for technically advanced requests.

• Improved spare part management
• Prices according to agreed conditions
• Order history and personal product lists
• Technical support when needed and fast restocking

For further details contact Deshini Govender of Endress+Hauser on TEL: 011 262 8000 or visit www.za.endress.com