Oxford Instruments extends range of spark emission spectrometers

Oxford Instruments recently introduced two new spark emission spectrometers.

The Foundry-Master Xline and the PMI-Master range support foundries and metal producers in determining metal samples fast and accurately, embracing both mobile and stationary analysis needs.

The stationary spectrometer Foundry-Master Xline has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the metals and steel markets. It is used for quantitative elemental analysis of metal samples and is designed as a bench top unit. The high-resolution Multi-CCD optics are equipped with a vacuum chamber to cover the complete wavelength range from 165 to 780 nm, offering precise detection of all relevant elements in Fe and other matrices. This reliable entry level laboratory spectrometer is competitively priced and offers performance and practical features usually only found with premium class instruments.

The latest addition to Oxford Instruments’ mobile PMI-Master range is the PMI-Master Compact, which is a robust, mobile optical emission spectroscopy metal analyser. It is the smaller, price attractive version of the market leading PMI-Master Pro metal analyser. The PMI-Master Compact offers rapid material verification, PMI, and to keep it simple, sorting of the most common alloys; steel, aluminium, copper and nickel.

The PMI-Master Pro is a high performance analyser for positive material identification, especially designed for the metals inspection industry, quality control systems and safety procedures.

The UVtouch probe for the PMI-Master Pro allows the analysis of Nitrogen directly on the spot. In combination they offer high accuracy and stability of analysis in varying environments – especially for low C, P, S, Sn, As and B concentration in steel. The detection of Nitrogen is essential for the positive material identification of duplex and super-duplex steel grades. These alloys are characterised by a certain amount of Nitrogen (0.1 – 0.8%) to improve strength and corrosion resistance. Duplex steel, one of the leading prospective materials, is   used extensively in chemical and petrochemical plants and can now be monitored by the PMI-Master PRO in combination with UVTouch.

For further details contact Monica Galliford Van der Merwe (Sales Manager) at SMM Instruments on TEL: 011 540 6000 or visit www.smmafrica.com or www.oxford-instruments.com