Oxford Instruments launches Foundry-Master Optimum, a high performance compact benchtop metals analyser

Oxford Instruments has launched a new high performance benchtop metals analyser for the metal production industry. The Foundry-Master Optimum has been designed to meet the demands of seamless quality control required by the industry and offers an excellent price-performance ratio. Based on optical emission spectroscopy (OES), it is the ideal instrument to analyse the majority of metals and their alloys.

Small yet powerful
With a footprint of only 415 x 665mm, and 2/3 smaller than standard size benchtop analysers, the Foundry-Master Optimum easily fits on any desk and provides an analytical performance comparable with larger units. Weighing only 35 kilograms, transportation and handling are easy. It is the unique design of the optics that allows its compact dimensions, meaning that neither difficult manoeuvring nor a transportation lock is necessary. Simply place the Foundry-Master Optimum on a desk, connect to an Argon gas supply and plug in to the PC (included with the instrument) via the USB port.



Relocating the instrument is easily done by wheeling the analyser to the required site in its optional transportation box. A very fast start-up and measuring time contribute to higher productivity.

Integrated self-diagnostics and Grade database
The sample stand is accessible from three sides making it suitable for samples with complex and irregular shapes and sizes. In addition, adapters for wires and very small samples are available.

Prod Rev Oxford


Foundry-Master Optimum has been designed with ease of use in mind, the user interface software is Windows based, the system includes an integrated self-diagnostics function and the Oxford Instruments Grade Database is preinstalled, allowing the user to identify grades fast and easily with only a few mouse clicks. Analytical results can be printed and transmitted to remote devices and saved in various formats.

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