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In today’s modern production technology you will find many processes, solutions and options to handle different work pieces in surface technology. The miscellaneous industrial applications in this special technology sector deal with the surface of solid matter.

Manufacturers and suppliers of surface preparation equipment and solutions are knowledgeable companies with a deep comprehension of material handling, surface conditions and demands. The Pangborn Group is as a worldwide positioned manufacturer and an innovator in this special field of technology since 1873 and designs and markets its products (blast cleaning and peening equipment, integrated surface preparation systems and associated replacement parts, and service programmes) throughout the world to industries that prepare the surfaces of metal and other products.


Nearly all areas of steel industries, even if it is the foundry industry, the automotive or shipyard industry or energy and power industry need tailor-made solutions for their special requirements in surface preparing, cleaning or finishing of parts before undergoing further processing. There are many kinds of surface preparation, such as peening, deburring, cleaning, hardening, paint stripping, roughening or sand removal. Best suitable applications for all those kinds for preparing work pieces are wheel and air blasting technologies.

Wheel blasting – a wheel uses centrifugal force to propel the abrasive against the surface of an object. It is typically categorised as an airless blasting operation. Wheel machines are high-powered high-efficiency blasting operations with recyclable abrasive (steel or stainless steel shot, cut wire or similar). The machine size and the number and power of the wheels depends on the parts to be blasted as well as on the expected result and efficiency.


Air blasting – this special operating technology is more focused on highly sensitive parts and work pieces. Often used in the automotive industry for its special small dimensional components (gear parts or shafts) or even inside cleaning for engine blocks. This kind of machine works with air blast nozzles in different versions and flexible handling. The nozzles are made for really precise cleaning and peening in all directions of a work piece.

Both wheel and air blasting are reliable, repeatedly proven methods of treatment offering decisive economical and ecological advantages. In addition to wheel blast and air blast equipment, the Pangborn Group offers complete air blast rooms to handle large and difficult pieces. All air blast rooms are completely self-contained incorporating their own abrasive recycling and environmental control systems.


Pangborn Group’s engineers are able to design for all of the before mentioned techniques and purposes customised and tailor made machinery. It doesn’t matter if the dimension of wished solutions is huge or small or to integrate into an existing production line or as a standalone process. Pangborn Group’s engineers just need to know which kind of work piece should be prepared. Depending on what kind of solution the customer needs then the engineering process can begin.

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