Partner with Grinding Techniques and choose the correct products to limit operator fatigue

For many years, production facilities have been pushing for optimisation in the manufacturing chain, with the primary aim of increasing throughput, reducing costs, and maximising profits in a tough economic climate.

Over time, this has resulted in both longer working hours with fewer breaks as well as lesser workers needing to perform the same or often more tasks. According to various studies fatigue levels in the workplace are being reported as higher than ever. Load shedding is a major contributor that negatively impacts fatigue levels as businesses demand increased output during active hours, to lessen the blow of reduced output during inactive hours.

Fatigue can be a major hindrance to optimisation in a factory, causing impaired functioning of both body and mind, which may lead to serious accidents or injuries on duty. With fatigued workers looking for shortcuts to reduce operating time, quality of finished goods may be compromised, or even necessitate the remake of goods, impacting cost as a direct result.

The question therefore remains, how do one increase efficiency and output whilst limiting operator fatigue?

At Grinding Techniques, a local manufacturer and distributor of premium quality abrasive products, we understand the importance of getting this balance right. Being the preferred abrasive partner to many industries for over 40 years, we are perfectly positioned to reduce fatigue levels in operators and improving output.

By using premium abrasive products in your application, you will not only reduce fatigue but increase efficiency as premium abrasives products are designed for optimal performance. Careful consideration goes into the minerals that are used during manufacturing to ensure optimal performance results are paired with durability, essentially reducing fatigue while also reducing operating costs.

At the cutting edge of technology, Grinding Techniques, only use the best in raw materials and through the years, we have defined numerous parameters with a view to enhance production, substantiated by quality insurance measures after every manufacturing step. All our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, and we continually strive to consistently meet and exceed applicable standards to ensure compliance with strict customer requirements.

Mineral and grain technology has greatly advanced abrasive products. Zirconium and ceramic grains allow for faster, cleaner work to be done, as the stock removal rate is extensively higher than other minerals, further reducing fatigue levels.

Due to its self-sharpening ability, severe toughness, and fast-cutting actions, ceramic grains will not dull as quickly as other conversional grains, and the material removed is far superior to any other conventional abrasive grain in the same amount of time.

In the foundry trade, ceramic snagging wheels allow for reduction in grinding times at reduced pressures, and our specialised grain bonding systems optimise the process of stock removal in a true value for money product.

Apart from choosing premium products, operator fatigue levels may also be managed by a change to the type of product being used during application.

For example, on applications demanding stock removal, different products can deliver the same or even better results. Angle grinding discs are known to be efficient but very aggressive in stock removal, and even more so on larger sized machines such as a 230mm angle grinders. When compared to conventional coated abrasive flap discs, flap discs may be a suitable alternative as stock removal rates are mostly maintained, with the benefit of flap discs being much lighter and more easily handled.

A further benefit being not only providing great stock removal rates, but flap discs are also known to provide an excellent finish to the material, which reduces a two-step grinding application to just one. Reduction in weight and work time means a double reduction in operator fatigue on application, and an increased efficiency in overall output.

Grinding Techniques manufacture and distribute a vast range of Superflex and ANDOR abrasive products that, has been carefully positioned to enhance your business by reducing both operator fatigue levels and costs, whilst enhancing profitability and success.

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