Pferd’s VSM Actirox high-performance abrasive fibre discs and belts

Increased productivity and greater economic efficiency are words metal fabrication shops everywhere want to hear. Fortunately, it’s easier to achieve than one would think and can be done with Pferd’s VSM Actirox, a range of high-performance abrasive fibre discs and belts used for metal stock removal processes.

Maximum stock removal – faster cut
“Actirox features the latest generation, triangular shaped, ceramic abrasive grain and due to their precise and upright positioning on the backing material, delivers maximum stock removal during stock removal processes,” explains Dennis Phillips, National Sales Manager at Pferd South Africa.

Ceramic grains’ major advantage over conventional abrasive grains, like Aluminium Oxide, is their ability to continuously self-sharpen. During use, ceramic grains break down progressively to reveal new sharp cutting edges that cut consistently, and aggressively, throughout the product’s service life.

“Actirox’s self-sharpening characteristics and cutting performance are even more pronounced. Actirox grains start as triangles and are constructed to break down in a pre-defined and controlled manner. When the triangular grain breaks down, new and extremely sharp cutting edges are ready to continue the abrasive’s aggressive and fast grinding,” said Phillips.

Actirox abrasives help increase productivity
The industry-leading Actirox fibre discs and belts are unsurpassed when considering stock removal rates, especially when compared to conventional grinding discs and even bench grinding wheels.

“Metal manufacturing operations will benefit from a significant reduction in processing time and overall increased productivity due to its fast stock removal rate and extended service life,” explains Phillips.

Additionally, the high-performance ceramic abrasive grains together with a special grinding coating significantly reduce the temperature within the grinding zone. The low grinding temperature means no heat-discolouration occurs on metals, such as stainless steel, that don’t conduct heat well resulting in an overall reduction of processing steps.

“Staying true to Pferd’s philosophy of ‘There is no substitute for quality and safety’, operators grinding with Actirox experience less strain because the abrasive produces less vibration and noise.
Not only is operator ergonomics improved but less strain is placed on machinery which increases equipment utilisation and service life,” says Phillips.

Many applications
The product range consists of 115mm and 180mm fibre discs as well as abrasive belts. Users with unique belt requirements can also be accommodated, as Actirox belts can be made-up in various custom sizes.

Actirox can be incorporated into a wide variety of applications, both portable and stationary. The fibre discs are ideal for deburring, bevelling, chamfering and removing imperfections. The abrasive belts excel at the grinding of cast parts as well as the removal of welds and burrs as part of backstand grinding.

On-site demonstrations and assessments
Phillips says those who want to experience Actirox for themselves, are encouraged to contact Pferd: “Our application specialists are available for on-site product demonstrations and application assessments. This way they can determine how Actirox can be implemented to help optimise your operations.”

For further details contact Pferd South Africa on TEL: 011 230 4000 or visit