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Experienced foundryman opens human resources, industrial relations and business solutions service specifically for the foundry industry.

“In an ever changing and volatile labour environment human resources and industrial relations play a major role in the metal casting industry. An unhappy, unproductive workforce is detrimental to the foundry industry, as employees contribute significantly in the production process. Ultimately this can lead to huge losses for companies through employee negligence and lack of effective HR structures specific to the metal casting industry,” said Brett Balsdon of MWB Consulting.

MWB Consulting is a company that has emerged this year with experienced HR practitioner Brett Balsdon at the helm. Balsdon obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree through UNISA majoring in human resources and industrial relations in 1998. After a short stint overseas Brett joined Northern Natal Bronze and Iron and Hattingspruit Engineering in 2000, as the Human Resources and Financial Director.


MWB Consulting is a new human resources, industrial relations and business solutions service provider, specific to the foundry Industry. The company is headed up by Brett Balsdon, who has 15 years experience in the foundry industry

In his position as HR Director over the last 15 years, Brett has been an integral part in growing the businesses from an employee count of 45 to 150. Through this growth period he has effectively developed sound HR strategies and policies to manage the increasing size of the workforce and volatility of the labour side of the business. He is also able to apply the technical knowledge of the foundry processes to the HR Function, thus eliminating issues not being resolved due to lack of technical knowledge.

Brett’s philosophy is very simple. “Firm, fair and consistent.”

“A major part of HR Management is making sure that the correct structures are in place. A sound and simple Disciplinary Code and Grievance Procedure, together with supporting policies, is the foundation to successful employee management. I am a firm believer in discipline in the working environment. I have learnt that respect from employees and unions comes from a firm, fair and consistent disciplinary procedure, and will result in a more productive workforce and less cases being referred to CCMA and CDR. An internal framework that is in line with the Main Agreement will lead to less disputes and reduce conflict in the workplace,” explained Balsdon.

MWB Consulting will play a supportive role as a partner within your business to establish where existing systems can be improved, and will implement new systems where structures are non-existent. MWB Consulting will do a full HR Audit and provide companies with solutions which will result in savings on employee related expenses, and increased efficient production through employee efficiency.

“The main aim is to reduce costs, save money and have a happy, productive workforce.”

MWB Consulting is a complete HR and Business Solutions Company with a range of services which include HR audits, development and implementation of HR policies and strategies, tailor made to each company, facilitating training and workshops for management and supervisors in respect of employee motivation, dispute resolution and effective industrial relations on the shop floor, CCMA and CDR representation, independent chairing of disciplinary enquiries with correct procedure and to ensure substantive fairness, health and safety training of employees with regards to legal compliance and employee discipline in this respect, payroll advice and compliance with main agreement and BCEA, and assistance in effective recruitment and selection.

“MWB Consulting intends to revolutionise and educate the foundry industry in respect of the importance of HR and industrial relations. Often HR and industrial relations is seen as a secondary function to the production function. I am a firm advocate that it is as important as production and requires ongoing attention as it is a variable which needs to be managed constantly. MWB Consulting will allow their customers to focus on their core function, which is production. Imperative to the sustainability of the industry is the ongoing development of this function. I believe I have the knowledge and skills to make a difference,” says Brett Balsdon.

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