PMI Master SMART- a true portable OES

Oxford Instruments’ portable arc / spark metal analyser, the PMI-Master Smart is a true portable and full range optical emission spectrometer designed for metal analysis especially in hard to reach places. Despite its 15kg light weight and compact dimensions, the PMI-Master Smart offers full analysis functions and high performance. The powerful rechargeable battery pack and well thought-out transportation concept complement the mobility.

Full analysis functions
Metal analysis, grade identification and sorting – the PMI-Master Smart offers the full range of analysis functions. In comparison to other compact size OES analysers, it offers a wide wavelength range at optimum resolution. The patent pending optics, made of carbon fibre, is the key. Mechanical expansion and tension, triggered by temperature changes and distortion due to change of position are virtually eliminated, guaranteeing stable measuring results. “Our goal was to develop a truly portable metal analyser without compromising on the functions and analysis quality. The PMI-Master Smart even exceeded our own targets,” says Vito Angona, General Manager of Oxford Instruments Analysis GmbH.


Truly cordless
Power connections are typically not available in hard to reach places. Equipped with a rechargeable and optional replacement battery pack the PMI-Master Smart is truly cordless and completely independent from mains supply. The battery pack provides power for the analysis of some hundred samples in ARC and/or SPARK mode, and 7 hours in standby. It also can be operated with the external power supply / charger, with or without battery and even during recharging.


Transportation concepts
The cases for the transportation of the PMI-Master Smart and its accessories easily fit into a car boot. Stacked up they can be dragged with a foldable trolley. For more intensive use a cart, holding a 10l bottle of Argon, probe and all accessories is also available. If you need to climb up to reach the place of analysis, the PMI-Master Smart can safely be carried on the back with the back pack frame.


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