Remet’s Remasol Jus-Dip – A new colloidal based suspended slurry system

Jus-Dip is a pre-blended slurry that contains optimised levels of refractory, additives and polymer, comes ready to use and does not require continuous stirring.

Slurries can be a headache for artists, schools, and small foundries, for many reasons including shell room infrastructure (shell room equipment is a high cost investment), health and safety risks (there are many risks involved in the investment casting process), stock management (five to 10 different materials are required for a traditional slurry) and hard to use (slurries are often difficult to keep in their optimum state over a period of time).

It can take over a day to get the slurry mixed and wetted in, and it then has to be maintained during the entire shelling process, while it constantly gets stirred by the rotating tank. Once the production run is finished comes the question, do you leave the tank running ready for the next set of patterns and hope that you can maintain it until then, or do you empty the tank and throw away all the unused material?

For a small-scale operation leaving the slurry tanks running constantly may well be the lesser evil, but it is not an ideal solution. But there is an alternative … Jus-Dip!

Picture courtesy of Carmarthen School of Art Sculpture Dept, Coleg Sir Gar

Jus-Dip is an innovative new colloidal based suspended slurry system that comes ready to use and does not require continuous stirring. Key benefits of Jus-Dip include no slurry tank required (just dip directly into the drum), no stirring required (simply stir before the first use of the day) and minimal waste (when not in use, re-seal the drum and store in an appropriate place).

Easy to use
Jus-Dip is a pre-blended slurry that contains optimised levels of refractory, additives, and polymer to provide the best performance.

Set up is easy. Place the drum in your shell room, or wherever you will be dipping, remove the lid and stir. Your slurry is now ready for use, as Jus-Dip doesn’t need to be constantly stirred you can dip directly from the drum.

Jus-Dip includes Remet Sci-Dry, which gives a visual indication of when a shell is dry enough for the next coat. It also includes a wetting agent and an anti-foam, ensuring that the slurry requires a low level of technical equipment and maintenance. When the slurry is not in use replace the lid and store it until it is required again. If being used in a slurry tank, turn off the tank and cover the slurry to prevent any evaporation.

Health and safety benefits
There are many dangers working in a foundry. With Jus-Dip has been able to reduce some of these risks:

• Risk of hand crushing – As Jus-Dip can be used directly from the drum or any other form of static tank, this removes the danger of hands being caught in the blades or any other moving parts of the tank.
• Dust inhalation – When making up a traditional slurry there is the danger of inhalation of the silica dust while it is being added into the mix. By using a pre-blended slurry this danger is removed, which is particularly useful in teaching environments where students may not realise the risks.

In action
A number of art and educational foundries have already started to benefit from the advantages provided by Jus-Dip. They are benefiting from the convenience of being able to dip directly into the drum with minimal set up and maintenance requirements, without impacting the quality of the finished items.

Remet design and supply full consumable solutions to the investment casting industry.

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