Robust and reliable steam measurement with Prowirl 200 vortex series flowmeters

Flow measurement based on the vortex principle is well known for its robustness and reliability – it’s a tried and tested technology for liquid and gas flow measurement. However, the new Prowirl 200 vortex flowmeters go one better and can even detect moisture levels in steam!

Benefits for vortex measurement include the following;

• Long-term stability
• Wet steam detection
• Seamless system integration thanks to two-wire technology
• Unaffected by shocks and vibration
• Intrinsically safe

A strong pedigree
Endress+Hauser is a leading manufacturer of vortex meters, having sold more than 300,000 Prowirl flowmeters since the technology was introduced 30 years ago. Immunity to vibrations, mechanical shocks and abrupt changes in temperature account for the instruments’ popularity. They’re also renowned for their excellent long-term stability; the sensors are not subject to drift over time, ensuring minimised operating costs and high reliability.


Improving on the best
Now the 200 series Prowirl brings further improvements. The new generation harnesses two-wire technology to reduce costs during installation and enable devices to be replaced easily. Prowirl is an intrinsically safe, 4–20mA instrument that can be installed even in Zone 0 hazardous areas. It’s also the first vortex flowmeter developed according to the IEC 61508 international standard for functional safety.

The best for steam measurement
The Prowirl F 200 is the first flowmeter able to measure steam and mass energy, warning if wet steam is in the line and even estimating the concentration. Wet steam is a safety concern as it can damage the equipment due to water hammer. It also affects efficiency as wet steam contains less energy than dry steam. Therefore being able to detect wet steam is a unique and invaluable feature that guarantees the highest process safety and helps to keep operating costs to a minimum.

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