SAIF 2016 Annual Golf Day

The South African Institute of Foundrymens’ Annual Golf Day took place on Thursday 10th November 2016. The event was held at the Reading Country Club.

The following companies are thanked for sponsorship of prizes, tee boxes and greens: Adam Balances, Ametex, BSD Refractory Supplies, Ceramic & Alloy Specialists, Chemsystems, Endeco Omega, FP Speciality, Foseco South Africa, IMP Scientific, Insimbi Alloy Supplies, Insimbi Aluminium, Iscar Cutting Tools, JC Impellers CC, Lauds Foundry Equipment, Lil Sales, MCTS, Metal Connection, Mineral Zone, Mustang Foundry, Nicast, Procor Foundry Supplies, RelyIntraCast, SAIF, Saint Gobain Pipelines, SI Group HA South Africa, Spectech SA, Spectro Analytical, Thos Begbie, UJ, VIP Metals and Windsor Metals.

The competition on the day was four ball alliance with two scores to count.

The closest to the pin prizes on the 5th, 7th, 11th and 15th holes were sponsored by SI Group HA, Insimbi Alloy Supplies, Foseco and Chemsystems. The longest drive prizes on holes 4, 8 and 17 were sponsored by VIP Metals, Spectech SA and Lil Sales, respectively.

The competition was foreshortened because of the inclement weather on the day and as a consequence only nine holes were taken into account for scoring purposes. With the field having started on first and tenth the competition results become meaningless. Even so a score of 50 points was recorded for nine holes. That is some score for high handicaps.

The special prizes were handed out as well and here is a selection of the winners. Due to the inclement weather the longest drive prize on the 17th hole was not recorded correctly.


Chemsystems sponsored closest to the pin on the 7th hole that was won by Joe du Bruyn. Lance Bell of Chemsystems, the new Director responsible for the foundry division was there to hand out the prize


Francine Clark of SI Group HA South Africa handed out the prize to Tommy Tomlinson for closest to the pin on the 5th hole


Johan Nagel was closest to the pin on the 11th hole. He is seen receiving his prize from Len Hutton of Insimbi Alloy Supplies


It was a Foseco South Africa affair on the 15th hole. Closest to the pin was Warren Zandberg (right) of Foseco. He is seen receiving his prize from Enno Krueger of Foseco


Longest drive on the 4th hole, sponsored by VIP Metals, went to Charles McGeer. He is seen receiving his prize from the tall Riaan van Tonder


Longest drive on the 8th hole was sponsored by Spectech SA. John Taylor of Spectech SA was there to hand over the prize to winner Dijon Brivik