Sandman data analytics software to reduce rejections and optimise additives consumption in green sand foundries

Indian company MPM Private Limited, based in Chennai, has recently introduced its Sandman software product to the South African market.

The data analytics software presents the state of green sand parameters, its process control and correlation to related rejections. Sandman provides a tool to understand the dynamic and continuous state of process optimisation of the sand system and predicts the corrective action required to control the sand parameters. The resultant optimisation would lead to reduction in rejection and improving casting outcomes, thereby saving repetitive losses and improving profitability. The achieved lower rejection can be maintained sustainably, dynamically and scalably with continual use of Sandman, say the developers.

Sandman has been developed by Deepak Chowdhary, who has devoted the entire 40 years of his career in understanding the complexities of the green sand moulding process and its control in ferrous foundries. The consequence of which, Sandman is one of the world’s first data analytic software programmes for optimisation of green sand with a view to reducing repetitive casting defects and optimising additive consumption.

Sandman’s predictive analytics will suggest optimal values of the sand properties with a view to reducing casting defects. Sandman’s prescriptive analysis further provides dose-by-need additive recommendations to operate around the optimal condition.

Sandman identifies the key sand parameters critical to sand related casting rejections, prescribe an optimal operational range for the sand properties, provides tools for monitoring sand properties to track the effect of actions taken on the green sand system, gives a dose-by-need additives prescription for each load to achieve optimal sand properties and avoids over-dosing and under-dosing of the system resulting in optimised additive consumption.

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