Sandvik additive manufacturing to advance binder jet manufacturing

The ExOne Company, a global provider of three-dimensional (“3D”) printing machines, 3D printed products, and services to industrial customers, announced a further strengthened material collaboration with Sandvik Additive Manufacturing, a division in the high-tech global engineering Sandvik Group.

With more than 150 years in the metals industry, Sandvik has unique and leading expertise across the additive manufacturing (AM) value chain, from metal powder to finished components. The material collaboration leverages ExOne’s knowledge of binder jetting print machines and processes with Sandvik’s leading capabilities in materials technology, metal powders, different AM processes for metals and world-leading post processing technologies like machining and heat treatment. The purpose of the collaboration is to create a leading edge process solution that can be offered to a broad industrial customer base.

The material collaboration will focus on qualifying and optimising Sandvik’s Osprey metal powders with ExOne’s binder jetting machines. The collaboration will include studying powder and binder interactions, developing 3D machine process settings, and creating post-processing heat treatments for various materials, initially including stainless steels, tool steels, and nickel alloys.

“We are excited to announce our material collaboration partnership with Sandvik Additive Manufacturing. Sandvik is a world-class engineering company with extensive knowledge of materials and their applications to various industries. We look forward to advancing ExOne’s binder jetting process with this new collaboration and creating new solutions that enable broader customer adoption,” said John Hartner, Chief Executive Officer of ExOne.

“This material collaboration will strengthen our ongoing R&D cooperation with ExOne even further. It also offers great opportunities to qualify our leading OspreyTM metal powders for the ExOne platform, to enhance end customer productivity and product performance,” said Mikael Schuisky, VP and Head of R&D and Operations, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing.

Sandvik has multiple ExOne binder jetting machines. Sandvik is also a beta customer for ExOne’s new X1 25PRO™ production machine.