Scrap metal recycling sorting with the Bruker S1 Titan Series XRF

The recycling of scrap metal is an important global industry economically and environmentally. Scrap metal recycling reduces metals in the general waste stream, maximises the use of mined metals, and generally contributes to a healthy economy. Recycling scrap metal requires careful sorting of metal alloys by type. Since a typical scrap yard or scrap metal processing facility can receive any type of metal at all, it must have tools to be able to correctly sort the metal, and to verify grade or composition after processing.

Sorting scrap used to be the job of experienced metal sorters, but that has all changed since the introduction of handheld XRF technology. Bruker provides a fast, reliable way of detecting the valuable content of scrap as well as detecting unwanted or “tramp” elements without the need for highly trained operators. The size of the sample isn’t a problem – the analyser can measure everything from single wires up to big heat exchangers and other large structures. It’s a simple case of point-and-shoot.

An x-ray fluorescence (XRF) alloy analyser is the fastest, easiest, most accurate way to test scrap metal composition onsite for positive alloy grade identification within a matter of seconds. The Bruker S1 Titan series is the top of the line in handheld XRF analysers, identifying most alloy grades and providing complete alloy chemistry within two to five seconds (light elements take slightly longer).

The S1 Titan’s SharpBeam technology optimises the detector and tube geometry. The optimised geometry has many benefits, including improved measurement precision, reduced power requirements, and increased battery life.

The S1 Titan covers a wide range of applications and materials. Whether it’s in aerospace or automotive applications, metals processing or fabrication, electronics manufacturing, in a refining, recycling and scrap sorting, consumer products testing, or field or lab analysis, the analyser will quickly and accurately identify the elemental composition or alloys of samples or parts to be tested. The S1 Titan is capable of analysing industrial metals, exotic aerospace alloys, e-scrap, drill core, soil, consumer goods, and more.

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