Sidermet appointed agents for Metal Power Analytical

Specialist manufacturer and supplier of products to measure and control processes in the pyrometallurgical sector, Sidermet, has recently been appointed the agents for Metal Power Analytical.

Metal Power Analytical, a Mumbai – India based manufacturer of Laboratory Optical / Atomic Emission Spectrometers (OES / AES), Mobile Spectrometers, Hydrogen Analyzers for molten aluminium, Certified Reference Materials, Sample Preparation Machines for spectrometers as well as a wide range of accessories, was founded in 1987 with the aim of bringing to the market high-end technology products in the fields of analytical equipment, systems and metallurgical instruments. Today, Metal Power offers a wide range of spectrometers to cater to a range of analytical and financial needs. Metal Power is one of the leading suppliers in the Indian market and has a market presence in more than 30 countries.


In foundry settings, Metal Power’s range of CCD-based spectrometers are used to analyse ferrous alloys, aluminium alloys, zinc, magnesium, copper alloys and other metals such as tin, titanium, cobalt etc. Spectrometers provide precision laboratory assay or metal analysis using analytical software. Spectrometers are used to provide low detection limits and high accuracy with a wide range of applications to enable analyses across various types of solid metal samples, including thin sheet and wire. Spectrometers can be either stationary units, desktop units or portable (mobile) units used on the shop floor.

New instrument launched at GIFA 2015
Metal Power Analytical’s latest instrument, Surya, which was launched at GIFA 2015, offers analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (multi-base capability) with more than 40 elements in matrices such as Fe, Al and Cu bases, analysis of low level Nitrogen and Oxygen, analysis of pure metals including low levels and traces, Sol-Insol analysis, and comes equipped with high-end features including time-resolved spectroscopy (TRS), global standardisation grade identification, auto identification of base and matrix, auto diagnostics, optional wired/wireless remote transmission and display provision of analysed results, emergency stop button, beeper to alert the operator in case of abnormal condition and mains supply tripper for safety.

Sidermet, established in 1999 manufacture and distribute products that are highly specialised and are used in very high temperature environments. This includes a wide range of sensors for the measurement of liquid metal temperature and specific chemical aspects of their process such as carbon, oxygen and hydrogen in steel, carbon and silicon in Iron as well morphological aspects of aluminium-silicon alloys. The company also manufactures a wide range of liquid metal sampling devices for various types of applications as well as sensors for MORE, BSE and Sublance automatic dipping systems.

Sidermet operates in-house convolute core winding machines for the manufacture of the cardboard sleeves that carry the various sensors. The sensors are all assembled and configured locally. At present, Sidermet manufactures and supplies approximately 1,5 million sensors per year consuming approximately 250 tons of paper. The company also produces cores for outside customers.

The company employs and contracts approximately 20 people and operates from 2000m² of factory space located in Boksburg, Gauteng. The company is both ISO 9001:2008 and BBBEE accredited meeting the minimum requirements for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa.

In addition to the sensor market, Sidermet represent the following companies as agents or as a licensed manufacturer: Sidermes S.p.A. (sensor and instrumentation manufacturer), Agellis Group (electromagnetic level measurement in liquid metals), PhoenixTM (temperature profiling of heat treatment furnaces, ovens and kilns) and Northern Instruments (infrared temperature equipment).

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