Silca South Africa adds more products to its portfolio

Company moves to new factory in Germiston South.

Well-known German manufacturer of high performance, asbestos free calcium silicates in a density range of 200 to 1 100kg/m, Calsitherm Verwaltungs-GmbH, opened a subsidiary in South Africa 18 months ago. The new company was established as Silca South Africa (Pty) Ltd in line with the Calsitherm Group’s marketing and branding development of subsidiaries worldwide.

One of the key products leading to the success of the company has been the Calcast® range. Calcast® is a high performance technical ceramic manufactured from calcium silicate. All products are asbestos and quartz free. The densities range from 850 to 1 100kg/m³ and can be machined to very close tolerances. The non-wetting properties of Calcast® make these products ideally suited for non-ferrous metal casting applications. Calcast® products are also used in a wide range of thermal process applications, and are rated to 1 000°C continuous exposure.”


As a refractory material, Calcast® is used in metal flow control applications in the aluminium industry, and as “hot face” lining in holding furnace and heat treatment equipment. Calcast® has a high dimensional stability, and incorporates a unique particle reinforcement to increase fracture toughness and thermal shock resistance. These improvements extend the service life of the refractory components, and reduce operating costs. In low-pressure die casting Calcast® is used as sprue bushings, intermediate tubes, nozzles and feeder box liner.

Calcast® graphite compound products for the die casting industry
The company manufactures numerous brands and products for specific industries. However, one of the more exciting recent developments has been the launch of the Calcast® graphite compound range that combines the mechanical and physical properties of calcium silicate and graphite and are particularly beneficial for die casters due to the excellent non wetting properties.

Calsitherm group acquisitions
As a result of recent acquisitions by Calsitherm the South African subsidiary now has access to an extended range of products that are used in the thermal and foundry industries.

The acquisitions include:
SRS Amsterdam is the official European distributor of Marshall thermocouples. L.H. Marshall is a market leader for temperature for the temperature measurement of nonferous metals. The company also represents Syalon International Ltd, based in Newcastle, UK, a manufacturer of an ever increasing portfolio of sialon, alumina, zirconia and silicon carbide products, including tubes, foundry products, powders, balls, weld pins, seals and weld rolls, which utilise the excellent wear, corrosion and thermal resistance of the company’s materials.


Ceramco an industrial ceramics manufacturer based in the UK. The company manufactures thermocouple protection tubes, radiant heater protection tubes, immersion heater protection tubes and de-gassing components for the aluminium and non-ferrous materials industries, with a particular interest in foundries and the re-melting sector.

Additional news
Silca South Africa has also recently purchased its own factory and warehouse. The 500m² property in Germiston South, Gauteng will now enable the company to hold stock and manufacture the specialist products that it markets to the melting industries.

The local subsidiary also distributes products from other Calsitherm related companies. These include a comprehensive range of chaplets that are manufactured by Karl Schmidt, and the Mars range of crucibles manufactured by Aug.Gundlach KG.

Environmental Monitoring & Control Limited
EMC Limited is a leading manufacturer of solid electrolyte-based sensors, providing customers with fast, reliable sensor solutions, allowing them to reduce costs through improved process monitoring and control. EMC’s areas of expertise include molten metal applications, combustion and atmosphere control, solid oxide fuel cell monitoring and ceramic / glass processing.

Alspek H
Alspek H offers real time analysis of hydrogen dissolved in molten aluminium for the foundry and casthouse market. Suitable for routine shop floor analysis, continuous immersion, low pressure die casting and closed loop control of hydrogen when used with a foundry degassing unit.

EMC is currently developing a handheld version of the popular Alspek H analyser and probe for the aluminium foundry industry. This will provide a simple, affordable, highly portable solution for measuring hydrogen dissolved in molten aluminium. The analyser will be battery powered and will provide basic measurement functionality. Working prototypes are already in the industrial trials phase.

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