South African exhibitors at GIFA / GMTN 2019

DataProphet – Hall 16 Stand G01

Frans Cronje and Michael Grant will be attending and you can find them on the pour-tech AB stand. For further details contact DataProphet on TEL: +27 (0) 21 300 3555 or email or visit

DataProphet Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing
DataProphet will showcase how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve quality and yield in manufacturing for Industry 4.0. Through advanced machine learning, its AI solution suite is proven to reduce defects and scrap by at least 50 per cent and improve plant efficiency.

DataProphet Prescribe aims to achieve zero defects in manufacturing. Using advanced predictive and prescriptive machine learning capabilities, the solution can predict defects and quality errors and prescribe the ideal parameter settings for shifting processes to achieve higher yields. The company delivers actionable and measurable results for continuous improvement in production.

DataProphet Inspect will be launched at GIFA 2019, with a demonstration available on the stand. The solution inspects surface defects to increase quality control. The cutting-edge machine vision system, which unlike other inspection solutions, does not use template matching to detect defects but instead relies on proven machine learning algorithms to flag manufacturing defects. The solution combines consistent quality control with traceability and consistency. It is a comprehensive visual QC solution for Industry 4.0.

pour-tech AB – Hall 16 Stand G01
pour-tech AB specialise in automatic pouring systems for iron foundries.

Independent Mineral Distributors (Pty) Ltd – Hall 13 Stand B62

IMD (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1988 to market industrial minerals and chrome ores. The company serves the local and export market with both bulk and containerised shipments. IMD (Pty) Ltd is focused on the supply of raw materials (minerals, alloys, metals, and chemicals) used in the abrasive, foundry, refractory, steel and paint industries.

IMD (Pty) Ltd and its affiliated companies enter into long-term supply agreements and/or exclusive marketing arrangements with its principal producers. IMD (Pty) Ltd sources materials for the local market from mines or by importing from major producing countries such as China. The company also supplies customers in export markets by sourcing materials from South African producers. Proudly run and owned this family concern continues to go from strength to strength.

Graham Evans and Ernest Mberi will be at GIFA in Hall 13 stand B62 and will co-exhibit with Tymo Mineralien GmbH.

For further details contact Itshe Resources (Pty) Ltd on TEL: 011 706 0322 or email or visit

Lauds Foundry Equipment GmbH – Hall 16 Stand A43

Lauds Foundry Equipment GmbH is a technology leader supplying state of the art technology and equipment into the foundry industry. Lauds has been operating in the industry for 18 years, building a track record to prove that their systems are built to withstand the demanding environment of the foundry. The company has a team of specialists with years of experience in the running of foundries and have specialised knowledge on foundry design and advanced technology. Where others have failed, Lauds has paid attention, ensuring that the company develops machines that can stand the test of time.

Originally starting in South Africa, Lauds designed and developed a range of foundry equipment that has enabled the company to launch into the global market with confidence. Lauds opened operations in Germany in 2014, moving all IP into Germany with the view to improving a good product range into the best it could possibly be. The company can confidently state that they are achieving this. All their equipment is CE marked. This accreditation has allowed Lauds to focus on market share knowing that each set of systems delivered from their facility in Germany comes with a stamp of German approval and superior engineering.

State of the art technologies have become standard practice when designing their vast range of equipment. Their systems are continuously improving as they take heed of their clients’ requests and implement changes immediately to best suit their requirements. Lauds is focused on being the supplier of choice. Lauds considers every client a long-term partner. Investing with Lauds is investing in your future.

Lauds is currently focusing on a global recycling drive, involving Waste Management and Sand Reprocessing. With their Secondary Reclamation range as much as 90% of your used foundry sand is cleaned and returned to you to process, thus reducing new sand and dumping costs and rendering any waste sand and fines as non-toxic.

Lauds will be exhibiting a 12TPH Pivotal Continuous Sand Mixer and an LSR2.5TPH Secondary Reclamation System.

Kevin van Niekerk, Richard Conradie and Andre Ziemski will be present on the stand.
For further details contact Lauds Foundry Equipment on
To download an electronic version of the company brochure visit

Lauds LBA Belt Articulate 40TPH

Lauds patented secondary reclamation

Lauds Rhino high level shakeout

Thos Begbie & Company – METEC Hall 3 Stand G02

Thos Begbie was established in Johannesburg in 1887 as a Foundry and General Engineering business and in 1907 relocated to Middelburg, Mpumalanga. Today Thos Begbie is one of the few fully integrated foundry and general engineering operations in the country, supplying all major sectors of industry.

Pyrometallurgical component manufacturer
This division is equipped to produce a comprehensive range of copper and copper alloy castings. The annual capacity is in excess of 1 100 tons of finished product with a maximum cast mass of around 14 000 kg. These products are supplemented by an extensive range of copper-based alloy components.

General engineering
The general engineering division primarily provides foundries with machining capacity. It includes a CNC machining center, grinding machines, milling machines and power saws. They also operate the largest horizontal CNC milling machine and vertical mill in the region, which provides for machining of abnormally sized components. It also provides services to the local mining, power generation, paper processing, steel mills and ferro alloy producers.

Technical services
These include pattern making facilities, a metallurgical analysis laboratory, technical customer liaison and, methoding with computerised Solstar Solidification Modelling.

Graphite Freezeline Solutions (GFS)
In April 2018 the company established a new technical division, which caters to the refractory needs of the pyrometallurgical industry. Being on the same site as Thos Begbie & Co, makes the company a comprehensive supplier of foundry products that include graphite refractory, carbon component solutions as well as installation of various refractories all in-house.

Site work and installations
Analysing the market conditions, the company saw that there was a need not only for the manufacturing of components for the pyrometallurgical industry but also the installation of these components. Thos Begbie have established a site-work team that will be able to cater to these needs. Services include installation of furnace components, repairing of furnace equipment and alterations as per plant requirements.

Quality assurance
Thos Begbie’s quality management system complies with the requirements of SABS ISO 9002, which was awarded to the company in 1990. In 2018 the company was certified for ISO 9001:2015.

Thos Begbie is a privately owned company. The exhibition stand will be manned by Esli Bantjes and Hercules van der Merwe.

For further details contact Thos Begbie on TEL: 013 246 9100 or email or visit

University of Johannesburg Metal Casting Technology Station –
Hall 13 Stand C38

The Metal Casting Technology Station (MCTS) is a technology transfer partner for the metal casting industry pioneering development research and technology support. The MCTS is an initiative funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) through the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). The MCTS is hosted by University of Johannesburg (UJ) and operates in partnership with the Department of Metallurgy in the faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment. The MCTS’s core services are: Technology demonstration, technology development, material and processes development, moulding systems analysis and troubleshooting. MCTS is ISO 9001 and SANAS ISO 17025 accredited.

For further details contact Kulani Mageza, Station Manager on TEL: 11 559 6952 or email or visit