Spectrocheck stationary metal analyser

The Spectrocheck stationary metal analyser is a high-quality, compact, affordable instrument, which is ideal for routine analysis of elemental content in iron, aluminium and copper-based metals.

The Spectrocheck stationary metal analyser is specifically designed to meet the performance requirements and the budgets of small and medium-size foundries and machining operations.

Innovative optics
Spectrocheck takes a breakthrough, clean-slate approach, with new patent-pending optical technology. This combines a compact multiplex optics polychromator with selected wavelength image feedback technology (SWIFT). The optical chamber is isolated and temperature maintained for measurement stability, and argon purged for light transmission.


All this helps deliver precise performance across the entire application relevant spectral range. Spectrocheck is optimised for the elements found in common foundry metals. Thus it minimises spectral interferences, maintains high stability and enables better separation of neighbouring spectra in line rich analyses.

Simplified software
A brand new interface presents a clear, user friendly screen that runs icon based, menu free operational routines. Spectrocheck is easy to learn. In addition, a unique new plug-in approach lets users customise the functionality they want. They can purchase separate software modules for control standard or type standard samples, grade identification, and so on. They simply add additional modules as their needs evolve. Plug-ins maximise affordability. Customers pay only for the configuration(s) they choose. Above all, plug-ins create an interface that’s much easier to use.



This new, radically simple Spectrocheck software eliminates days of complicated training. Users get fast, easy startup and intuitive operation.

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