StrikoWestofen presents new Westomat series and control

The StrikoWestofen Group has redesigned its Westomat dosing furnace with a new “ProDos 3” control system. The dosing furnace was exhibited for the first time at the Euroguss 2014.

“Constant model upgrading and options developed according to customer requirements have made our Westomat series a worldwide benchmark for economical and process reliable dosing systems. Our latest development raises the standard, in particular with regard to simplified setup and operation,” promises StrikoWestofen manager Rudolf Riedel.


Thanks to the ProDos 3 control system and a completely revised design, the new Westomat dosing furnace optimizes the die-casting process

“There are many cost drivers in everyday foundry operation. Besides energy consumption and metal loss, these are mainly machine downtimes and high reject rates. Against this background, the StrikoWestofen Group has been concentrating for years on offering systems which achieve maximum efficiency and process reliability.”

Westomat dosing furnaces with new ProDos 3 control
The centre piece of the company’s presentation was the new “ProDos 3” control. The new system replaces the current “ProDos XP” control in the first quarter of 2014 and will offer additional dosing precision and process reliability. Considerably improved computing power reduces the reaction time by a factor of three, thus adjusting the dosing weight to altered process parameters in a highly efficient way, according to the company.

“The most important innovation is probably the integration of our patented biscuit correction. This has proved to be an effective practical tool for improving the dosing accuracy by another 35 percent. Its direct integration into the control means that biscuit correction, as well as the standardized DISPO 035 interface to the die-casting machine are now available to all customers as economical options. Electrically and mechanically, the ProDos 3 is completely compatible with the current ProDos XP and DPC control units,” explains Riedel.

“The new control system is especially resistant to electromechanical disturbances and is operated via a capacitive touchscreen. This no longer needs to be calibrated and is effectively protected in everyday foundry operation via a pane of toughened glass. 2014 will also see the introduction of further options which can be retrofitted in the control,” said Riedel.

Slimmer furnace body
“The often extremely restricted space in foundries and around the die-casting machine is taken into account by a new furnace body. A completely revised design allows StrikoWestofen to reduce the space requirements by about 15 percent in comparison with the predecessor model. The slim dimensions allow the dosing furnace to be positioned closer to the die-casting machine.”


“The shortened inlet cools the melt down less than before. Also, contact with the oxygen in the air is reduced, and this supports a very high metal quality. Another aim of re-designing was to increase occupational safety,” explains Peter Reuther, Sales Director Europe at StrikoWestofen.

“The new Westomat dosing furnaces have an innovative heating system with an extended service life. In addition, assembly no longer requires any space at the side of the furnace. Our flanged riser tube – now available as standard equipment – and the high-performance insulation have allowed us to significantly increase the performance of our dosing systems yet again.”

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