Taking a closer look at Thos Begbie…with a new Belec In-Spect table-top OES

In the metal producing and processing industries, the exact determination of the alloying elements is becoming more and more important. The alloy composition guarantees the properties of the corresponding material. When these compositions have to be measured during the melting process in a foundry, speed, precision and reliability are essential.

Besides this, downtimes due to malfunctions or need for high maintenance efforts are annoying and associated with expensive production delays.

There are many tools available to foundries now to analyse processes and products in-house, rather than outsourcing and incurring more costs due to additional services and downtime.

Performing chemistry analysis in-house has already saved time and money for Thos Begbie, the Middelburg, Mpumalanga-based foundry and engineering company, allowing it to avoid pouring castings only to learn later that the metal did not meet the specs.

Thos Begbie have recently taken delivery of a new Belec In-Spect arc-spark optical emission spectrometer. In the picture are Zekaria Kunene and Owen Musizvingozva, both of Thos Begbie with Pieter du Preez of Innov-X Africa

“We decided to invest in the Belec In-Spect, which is a compact stationary spectrometer that has recently been completely redesigned. The table-top instrument combines most of the features of a complex laboratory instrument in a compact format. It is typically used in the classic laboratory situation in foundries,” said a company spokesperson.

“Arc-spark Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES) are critical quality tools for all metal industries offering highly accurate and precise analysis of a plethora of elements within just seconds. This has made them staples in the testing laboratories of all firms that require metal analysis, from manufacturers and refiners to foundries, forging operations, extruders, traders and of course, end-use industries. Requirements from an OES however vary widely, with individual users having their own combinations of analytical needs and budgetary constraints.”

“The integrated spectrometer, contains the latest state-of-the-art 5GSO (5th Generation Spectrometer Optic System) system and is almost unlimited in the number of measuring programmes you can use.”

“Not only does this increase our own confidence in what we are doing, but it increases the confidence of our customers in our abilities. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our current customers.”

“With the completely redesigned metal analyser, Belec is again setting new standards. The new Belec In-Spect with its unique double spectrometer optics guarantees unsurpassed performance combined with significantly reduced maintenance in this device class. It is used for classic smelting control in foundries as well as in incoming goods, recycling or in regular quality assurance.”

The all-new Belec In-Spect, with its unique dual-spectrometer optics, is used in the classic smelting control in foundries as well as in goods receiving, recycling or in regular quality assurance for production control.

Thos Begbie has been serving the mining and smelting-related industries for more than 120 years. The annual capacity is in excess of 1 100 tons of finished product with a maximum cast mass of
7 000kg. These products are supplemented by an extensive range of copper-based alloy components.

Besides foundry operations their services include pyrometallurgical component manufacturing and the general engineering division primarily provides foundries with machining capacity.

For further details contact Innov-X Africa on TEL: 010 006 0430 or visit www.innovxafrica.com