Tesla gearing up to build Cybertruck, orders motor assembly machines

The order for these machines was placed with a German company that supplied machines to Giga Berlin, Shanghai.

Tesla will begin full scale production of the Cybertruck more or less exactly one year from now, if everything goes to plan, although preparation for production will begin a long time in advance. There’s a new report out from Germany stating that Tesla just ordered some production machinery (from several German companies) that is apparently intended for Cybertruck production.

TeslaMag.de quotes unnamed sources that confirmed the recently ordered systems were destined for the Texas Gigafactory where the Cybertruck is to be built if all goes to plan starting in July of 2023. The source article notes that these companies have already supplied machinery for both Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai.

The source also notes that what has now been ordered will be good for a production rate as high as 750 000 motors per year, even though the intended annual production target for the Cybertruck is 250 000 units. This seems just right in order to provide the top-of-the-range tri-motor Cybertruck with complete powertrains for an entire one-year run.

In late May, the IDRA Group a metal casting specialist from Italy announced that it had begun work on a 9 000-ton Giga Press for Tesla, exactly the one needed to create the single-piece back section of the vehicle. Tesla has already bought several hydraulic presses from this company that are already in use, but they were smaller 6 000-ton models that would not have done the job for the Cybertruck and other larger casting jobs.

The big question, though, is whether or not Tesla will actually meet the deadline to start Cybertruck production next summer? Interest in this highly polarising truck is definitely still there. Order holders still have faith that they will eventually get their vehicle, even though Tesla stopped accepting Cybertruck orders from outside the US and it also removed the pricing and version information from the official site a few months back.