The Copper Development Association Africa


Postal address
PO Box 14785,
Wadeville, 1422,
South Africa

Physical address
53 Rendell Road,

Mrs Levine Warries
Telephone: +27 11 824 3916
Facsimile: +27 11 824 3120

Company Profile
The Copper Development Association Africa (CDAA) has represented the local copper industry in southern Africa since 1962 and now promotes copper usage throughout Africa. The CDAA’s head office is in Wadeville, Johannesburg and on behalf of its members, the organisation is committed to advancing and expanding the use of copper and copper alloys throughout Africa. The
CDAA, through continuous projects and trials, facilitates the adoption of downstream products and the uses and benefits of copper across a plethora of industries.

The retention of recycled copper is one of the prime objectives of the CDAA and is in constant engagement with government to make good quality copper scrap available for its manufacturing members at competitive prices.

CDAA is sponsored by the International Copper Association in Washington and the European Copper Institute in Brussels and this impressive platform of copper knowledge is supported by its own technical library which is available to members.
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  • To benefit from collective lobbying and industry interaction with government departments and regulatory bodies.
  • To be part of a strong and united international network to promote and expand industry-based markets worldwide.
  • To develop industry positions to safeguard fair market access for products.
  • To participate in setting priorities for South African and sub-Saharan market promotion.
  • To benefit from and have access to, strategic alliances worldwide.
  • To improve industry standards and market share through constant interaction and exchange of ideas between Association members.