The development of the Foseco FEEDEX sleeves

The need for high modulus spot feeders continues to increase as a result of the development of more complex cast parts, with more isolated sections having no direct feed path, the increased mechanical requirements and more stringent as cast specifications and growing pressure to reduce casting production costs, by maximising casting yield and minimising post casting operations such as fettling.

A specific requirement of spot feeders is a high modulus to volume ratio. Feeders are required to provide long solidification times, but contain at the same time only small amounts of feed metal. The development of the FEEDEX recipe balances the exothermic characteristics to ensure the correct graphite micro-structure formation in ductile and vermicular iron alloys. The consistent performance of FEEDEX is assured by comprehensive tests of incoming raw materials and finished product.

The most critical requirement for FEEDEX sleeves is the quick and easy application onto the pattern plate. A range of application technologies has been developed which allow the foundry to introduce FEEDEX sleeves without negatively impacting moulding line productivity.

The poster below shows the available range for FEEDEX K, HD V and HD VS sleeves.

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