The Endeco Omega carousel moulding system

When you’re preparing to invest in or to add an automated no-bake moulding system to your existing setup, there are a number of critical decisions to be made that require careful analysis. As with many design projects, the end of the process is often the best starting point. It’s a basic concept to design backwards, at all times keeping in mind the moulding process results you expect.


There are dozens of criteria that go into a well designed system, but a few of the main considerations are: mould rate per shift; mould size minimum and maximum; budget available; floor space available; staffing requirements/cost; complexity of coring; resin system; reclamation system requirements; engineering requirements; installation requirements and time available for installation / commissioning.

Since Endeco Omega’s parent company Omega Foundry Machinery (then part of Baker Perkins) first designed the no-bake carousel moulding line back in the mid 1970’s they have installed more than 150 full plants worldwide.

The key to the success of the carousel is not just its simplicity and compact space saving design but also its increased productivity. With one or two operators the carousel can easily produce 40 moulds per hour with cope and drag on the same pattern bolster.


Literally working like clockwork the carousel will deliver – via a push cylinder – an empty pattern directly onto the compaction table for filling from the mixer, and at the same time send a cured mould into the rollover stripping machine.

Next, the filled pattern is powered back onto the carousel and the stripped pattern is ejected from the rollover onto the carousel, the unit then indexes one station and the cycle automatically repeats. Pattern changes can also be carried out during the operational cycle on the station in between the rollover and compaction table. The whole principle of the carousel is to produce moulds in high numbers with consistent quality, minimal labour and reduced impact on valuable foundry floor space.


The carousel is available in a six or eight station design configuration, as the demand for fast production times necessitates more cure stations. The indexing is by electric friction drive with air tensioning on the drive wheel to prevent slippage. The index positioning does not use unreliable proximity switches or sensors, but uses state of the art encoders to accurately determine each index position. This results in a highly reliable operation with zero maintenance.

There are four standard sizes of the carousel, ranging from a 600 x 800mm pattern bolster up to a 1600 x 1200mm bolster. The carousel is also versatile enough to be used for medium/large sized core production as well.

Omega acquires Italian design house Tecnostudio srl
Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd has announced the 100% acquisition of Italian design house Tecnostudio. Located in the Treviso area of northern Italy the company was founded by Giovanni Di Dio in 1995 and has been responsible for many projects including green sand moulding lines, sand preparation equipment, automatic mould handling equipment, handling and automation for scrap handling and furnace charging, automatic transportation of liquid metal, and machine and equipment for coremaking.

“The acquisition of Tecnostudio, a company that has been involved in the design of many projects in the foundry sector, is going to increase the Groups design capabilities, and their experience is going to compliment the machinery and services that the Omega Foundry Machinery Group companies are already known for,” said Chairman of Omega, Mark Fenyes.


“Tecnostudio has an unrivaled expertise and experience in the design of foundry equipment, and the incorporation of the company into the group will significantly help to strengthen both our project capabilities and design portfolio.”

Endeco Omega was established one year ago when Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd of the UK purchased the majority of the shares in local foundry equipment design and supply company Endeco.

For further information contact Roy Dias of Endeco Omega on TEL: 011 907 1785 or email, or Peter Petersen of Mondeco on 079 448 1277 or email or visit