The new Struers Lavamin fully automatic cleaning unit

Gone are the days of standing at the sink cleaning specimens with soap, flushing them with alcohol and drying them!

Lavamin uses a patent-pending and entirely automated process with a combination of ultrasound and water rinsing, together with high-speed spin-drying of the specimen holder/mover plate. You can save up to 20% of your total preparation time with a faster, automated cleaning process. This leaves time to change the preparation surface and be ready for the next step in the preparation cycle while the specimens are being cleaned. A careful rinsing process using only ultrasound and water, followed by high-speed spinning enables fully effective cleaning without the use of cleaning agents and alcohol.


Perfect cleaning – every time
You save time with a faster cleaning process and the opportunity to change the preparation surface while the specimens are being cleaned. Automated cleaning perfection every time and avoid replacement of preparation surfaces due to accidental contamination. In addition to saving you time and costs, Lavamin eliminates chemical cleaning agents and leaves no environmental footprint.


Lavamin is compatible with Struers specimen holders and mover plates with a diameter up to 160 mm.

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