The Q8 Magellan spectrometer – Bruker’s flagship for metal analysis

To describe Bruker Elemental’s relationship with its customers, Andreas Kunz, Managing Director of Bruker Elemental, needs a single word: “customise”. Where others come along with standard products and standard service, Bruker offers customer-oriented solutions that exactly fit custom needs. “First of all we listen closely to our customers, and then together we create the optimum spectrometer with the required parameters and detection limits,” explains the CEO.

Customerisation is in demand especially where high-tech metals are processed and produced for the manufacturing of high-tech products in aerospace, the automotive industry and generally demanding materials in the steel and aluminium industry. For metal analysis during the manufacturing process, Bruker’s Q8 Magellan is already equipped with the necessary, rather unusual line combinations according to customer requirements. Matrices such as gold, indium, silver and bismuth can be easily analysed. With Bruker’s analytical expertise in spark spectrometry, the Q8 Magellan offers highly specialised companies worldwide an optimal, precisely tailored analysis tool. Custom design and flexibility become the customer’s benefit in many applications.


Today Bruker’s Q8 Magellan is considered one of the most perfect instruments of its class on the market. Very accurately and quickly, the spectrometer performs even the most demanding analytical tasks, scoring with its highest precision, lowest detection limits and outstanding stability. Bruker’s high-end analyser is the first spectrometer worldwide that offers a previously unseen quality of analysis because of its possibility for unlimited combinations of measurement parameters.

The most important reason for the Q8 Magellan’s outstanding capabilities is its statistical evaluation of time-resolved measurements of the individual spark. This allows new algorithms for the determination of dissolved / undissolved element portions, and also helps to detect non-metallic inclusions. Oxygen content, oxide and sulphide inclusions, and particle size distribution of various oxide and sulphide types (such as aluminium oxide, calcium aluminate and magnesium aluminate spinels) can all be determined with the Q8 Magellan. For samples with a copper matrix, the spectrometer features such small limits of detection with the necessary tight tolerances that the elemental composition of pure copper with a few ppm impurities can be analysed.

To carry out the measuring process under optimum conditions, the Q8 Magellan uses a pneumatic sample clamp at the spark stand. This enables user-friendly operation and ensures the stable fixation of the sample during the spark, a precise analysis flow and ultimately accurate results. At the same time, it also allows a quick change of the samples. Because of the open spark stand, the analysis of bulky samples, sometimes 50cm wide, is also possible. The subsequent analysis is carried out by one-button technology – as fast as it gets.

“The Q8 Magellan meets all requirements that are expected of an optical emission spectrometer in the premium segment of metal analysis,” says Product Manager Martin Tilleman. And this includes not only the technical finesse. “Also Bruker Elemental´s service and competence as a partner for difficult analytical problems is “premium”. We partner in a team with the customer. Sophisticated analysis always includes expert support.”

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