Transnet goes digital to enable procurement and to prevent corruption in supply chain

Transnet’s e-Tender submission portal now live.

In line with Transnet’s vision to digitally transform its business processes and systems, current and potential service providers will now be required to submit tender documentation electronically, via a web-based electronic platform – the e-Tender Submission Portal. The system, which has enhanced security features, means there will be no opportunity for any interference or tampering prior to tender closure on the system.

As Transnet transforms to a paperless tender submission process, tender boxes across all Transnet Operating Divisions will gradually be removed. The intention is to only accept tenders via the e-Tender Portal and eradicate paper-based submissions.

The platform will provide a means for vendors to:
Register as an aspiring Transnet tender respondent
Authenticate themselves as an aspiring tender respondent
Register intent to respond to a specific tender
Upload tender documentation
Raise questions and get a response for specific tenders

Upon submission via the e-Tender Submission Portal, all documents will be stored in a central document management repository where they will be automatically date and time-stamped. Bid responses will have a unique identifier to enable an audit trail.

Upon closure of a tender, all submitted content will automatically be transferred to a searchable archive and be retained as per Transnet’s Document and Records Management rules.

The company encourages prospective bidders to register on the e-Tender Portal and submit tenders via this link:

All paper-based tenders currently in the system will be processed manually. Only new responses to bid submissions, with effect from 8 November 2021, will require you to use the system as per the requirements of the specific RFP/RFQ. RFPs/RFQs that will be issued to the open market can now be issued and closed by the system.

Prospective bidders are encouraged to register on the Transnet e-Tender Portal, and in future submit tenders via the following link if the tender has been advertised on the Portal:

Should you require any further information, please contact Bradley Hanafey on