Trimet Aluminium SE develops a new aluminium alloy for crash-relevant components

Trimet Aluminium SE has developed a new aluminium alloy for crash-relevant components. The wrought alloy trimal-53 is suitable for structural components with high strength and excellent deformation capacity. The aluminium specialist thus now supplies a material for which there is a growing need, particularly in the vehicle manufacturing sector. The new Trimet alloy meets every major carmaker’s need for light-metal materials to produce safety-related vehicle components.

The new wrought alloy trimal-53 (AlMgSi) achieves strengths of more than 270 megapascals. With an elongation of 10 per cent and more, this new material also meets the high standards required of the compression behaviour. As such, trimal-53 achieves a higher component strength than conventional alloys with the same wall thickness. Furthermore, the strength can be maintained while reducing the wall thickness. This makes it possible to reduce the weight of the component without lowering safety standards. With trimal-53, Trimet has developed an alloy that can be used for the most diverse dimensioning objectives and for manufacturing structural components at low cost. The components produced from this material can be thermally or mechanically joined with other materials such as cast nodes. If necessary, Trimet can also modify the alloy to meet the specific requirements of the application.