United Scientific appointed partners for Presi sample preparation equipment

“The preparation of samples for the materialographic investigation includes working steps such as cutting, mounting, grinding, polishing, and etching,” said Jaco le Roux, National Sales Manager of United Scientific.

“Metallography is the study of the physical structure and components of metals, by using microscopy. In materialography, a sample obtained from a work piece is referred to as a specimen. A common materialographic analysis includes: Sectioning (for example – with an abrasive cutter); Mounting, which offers a number of advantages for additional preparation; Grinding/polishing for the preparation of the microstructure; Examination; Image analysis and hardness testing,” continued le Roux.

“It can indicate potential for improvement of process. The microscopic examination of polished or etched surfaces can reveal such information as grain size and shape, distribution of structural phases and non-metallic inclusions.”

A mounting machine

“Presi is a global leader in the science and art of metallography and offers comprehensive market-oriented metallurgy in their entire range of equipment, consumables and solutions.”

“For this reason we are pleased to announce that we have been appointed partners of Presi to be their distributors of all their products in South Africa.”

“Presi, a French manufacturer based in the south below Lyon and with subsidiaries in Germany, China and Switzerland have been established since 1961.”

“The company’s expertise lies in cutting, mounting and polishing to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated requirements in the field of metallurgy and heat treatments for optimum accuracy in your analysis of metal samples.”

“Presi is also able to supply tailored solutions to suit your needs from metallography for e.g. equipment for use in nuclear or hazardous environments. Their devices are designed for optimum longevity and comply with current safety standards with increased performance, precision and power. Each of the machines and measurement solutions in metallography from Presi is designed in their in-house R & D integrated facility. All Presi equipment is manufactured in the main production unit in Grenoble, France thus assuring you of the highest European quality.”

A polishing machine

“The equipment that Presi manufactures includes a range of polishing machines, mounting presses and cutting machines. After the phases of cutting, coating and polishing, preparation is dedicated to the hardness and microscopic observation. Again Presi manufactures a range of testers and instruments to meet all needs.”

“On the consumable side they offer vacuum impregnation systems, diamond gel, abrasive papers and polishing cloths.”

“Much in the art of metallography lies in the good sample preparation. To create a metallographic image, the following steps are necessary and need to be carefully done: Sampling, pre-grinding, embedding, sample labeling, grinding, cleaning, etching and assessment under the microscope.”

A cut-off machine

“In short Presi are a leading manufacturer and supplier of materials preparation and analysis instruments, equipment, consumable supplies and application solutions for the destructive and non-destructive testing sectors whether you are operating in a manual or automatic situation.”

For further information contact Jaco le Roux of United Scientific on 082 338 0193, email jaco@united-scientific.co.za or visit www.unitedscientific.co.za