US client acknowledges Pressure Die Castings

Specialist die caster Pressure Die Castings (PDC), based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, has recently been acknowledged by one of its longstanding United States clients, Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company. Company executives from Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company visited the PDC production plant earlier this year and complimented the management and staff of PDC on the transformation of the production processes at PDC since the two companies first began dealing with each other over 30 years ago.

“Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company has been an important client of PDC for a long time now. Over this period the two companies have worked together in building a mutually successful relationship,” said Mike Wolhuter, Managing Director of PDC.

“When we initially made contact with Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company we had to convince the management that it would be more beneficial to the company to change the manufacturing process of their fire sprinkler frames from a sand casting process to a high pressure die casting process. Secondly, we had to persuade them that they could source their fire sprinkler frames from South Africa and not experience any quality and delivery problems. We were successful in our endeavours and this long standing relationship continues to grow.”

“When our association began we were required to produce 25 000 sprinkler frames a month. This number has steadily grown over the years but when you add up the total number of sprinkler frames that we have supplied, the figure puts it into perspective. Earlier this year we manufactured the 80 millionth sprinkler frame for Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company.”

“We must also thank Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company for encouraging and pushing us to embrace automation. As a result the first automated robotic cell to be commissioned in
 our plant was for the manufacture of the sprinkler frames for Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company. Besides increasing our productivity levels we have also experienced a notable positive change in quality and a drop in reject rates, since installing the robotic cell. Porosity in the castings that we manufacture is now negligible, and our 10% reject rate 25 years ago has now dropped to less than 1%. This is a tremendous achievement and all staff that have contributed to the transformation must be congratulated.”

“Our relationship with Pressure Die Castings, as a supplier, is very important to Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company.
 PDC management never gave up in their pursuit to build on
our relationship and they are now our largest die cast frame supplier. We appreciate their forward thinking, their vision, their persistent drive in leading their team to great success whenever it involved one of our projects. We regard the relationship between 
the two companies as one of being partners rather than just a supplier/client relationship. Our account is not an easy one to win and they have done a great job in learning how to partner well with us,” said Bill Kirkpatrick, Vice President Manufacturing of Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company.

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