Vanta portable XRF analysers from Olympus

Vanta handheld portable XRF analysers provide fast elemental analysis and alloy identification in the field, and are rugged to maximise uptime.

The Vanta portable XRF is the next-generation handheld XRF analyser from Olympus. The instrument is one of the toughest devices that Olympus has ever made, and has been designed for use in the harshest conditions throughout the day. The Vanta XRF analysers are revolutionary, rugged, and productive. These powerful and intuitive instruments deliver the right solutions in the toughest working conditions.

The Vanta analysers provide accurate elemental analysis and quantification for a wide range of materials. They are powered by new Axon technology to provide faster, reliable, and accurate results. The Vanta analysers are built to pass a 1.2m drop test. It is also IP 65-rated for resistance to dust and water. In addition, the instrument has a built-in shutter detector in C and M series models that helps to protect the X-ray detector from damage and costly repair. The XRF analysers are available in a variety of models that can be optimised for various applications. Customers can choose rhodium, tungsten, or silver anodes based on their analytical needs. The Vanta analyser has a simple and easy-to-use interface. The analyser’s software automatically corrects for temperature and pressure, and resets the energy scale for every test. Vanta’s large, responsive touch screen delivers vivid and clear images.

The Vanta portable XRF analysers can be used for alloy and metal sorting, positive material identification, mining applications, environmental assessment, product safety and many more.

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