Vulcan Engineering and Acetarc Engineering partner with Globen Engineering Services and Supplies (Pty) Ltd for lean manufacturing

Vulcan Engineering Co., one of the largest in-house engineering, manufacturing, and installation groups in North America, dedicated to the metalcasting and heavy industrial markets, has partnered with local new startup kid on the block company Globen Engineering Services and Supplies (Pty) Ltd.

“Although Globen has only been in existence since the beginning of September 2015 my experience in the foundry industry goes back to 1965,” said Globen founder Eric Benvenuti.

“After completing my Engineering studies at Wits Technikon, I started off in the foundry industry at Central Engineering, a family owned business. The company, at the time, ran three foundries – one in Vereeniging, one in Johannesburg and the other one in Alrode, Gauteng,” explained Benvenuti.


Eric Benvenuti

“Following a number of mergers and buyouts, I eventually ended up at MIS Engineering. I stayed with the company for the rest of my career until I retired earlier this year, the majority of this time spent as Director in charge of Operations and Engineering. One of my biggest projects was the commissioning of the new greenfield foundry at MIS Engineering in 2013.”

“I am not one to sit around trying to keep myself occupied, so when I was approached by Vulcan Engineering Co. to represent them in Southern Africa, it presented an opportunity not to be missed, especially as I have had experience with the Company and their equipment in the past.”

“Vulcan has grown by holding to a simple philosophy of serving customers to help them succeed. This basic principle, implemented by Vulcan’s expert team, creates the impetus behind Vulcan’s continuing growth and success over the years.”

“Vulcan is a foundry engineering, equipment manufacturer and installation supplier. Developing specific equipment or systems for your application, or to provide equipment from their vast array of foundry-designed standard equipment and whatever your process, green sand, no-bake or lost foam, they offer solutions from ‘expertise backed by experience’.”


Vulcan Engineering’s Fox swing frame cut-off machines

“The equipment includes the latest in lost foam casting lines featuring the latest advancement in compaction technology, investment casting coating systems featuring the latest advancements in control technology, robotic automation for material handling, and casting cleaning applications and manipulators featuring the latest in digital controls.”

“Some of the well-known brands that the company has manufactured and installed in foundries worldwide includes the VTS™ machine featuring a tele-operated robot for large casting cut off and grinding, the Fox® grinder line of manual and semi-automatic grinding equipment, the Donovan™ no-bake and flask rollover equipment, Action® robots and manipulators, Mid-West Machine™ metal conditioning equipment, Truflo® mould handling lines, sand cooling systems and riser removal Impactors™.”

“Vulcan Engineering Co. was established in 1970 and dedicated itself to the metalcasting and heavy industrial world markets. The company was started by, and is still managed and staffed by, foundry people who came from operations, engineering and maintenance. As a foundry engineering, equipment and installation supplier, they offer solutions from the knowledge of your processes and daily challenges, whether your need is a single piece of equipment, or a complete turn-key concept-to-completion project.”


Vulcan Engineering’s all new VTS™ (Vulcan Tactile System) is a leading edge robotic/manipulator that allows you to grind and cut at virtually any angle with use of tactile and force feedback. The VTS™ can be used as a robot or as a manipulator

“Vulcan is one of the largest in-house design, manufacturing and installation companies in North America. The manufacturing facility, based near Birmingham, Alabama, includes design, fabrication, machining and assembly in a 46 500 square metre under roof facility.”

New high capacity rollovers
“Launched earlier this year by Vulcan was the Donovan™ Mold Handling equipment, which is designed to handle, roll over and close cope, drag or complete moulds or flasks. This equipment can hold different moulds level, regardless of centre of gravity. Vulcan Engineering has built capable hydraulic systems that can run continuously without overheating. Self-contained hydraulics ensure a low maintenance, trouble-free operation.”

“The machine securely holds moulds for core setting, venting, cleaning and closing, without loss of position and eliminates the use of belts and chains by employing the long-wearing gear drive. The systems and equipment are available for use on moulds with flasks as well as flaskless (no-bake) moulds.”


Acetarc Engineering foundry ladles

“This particular gantry style rollover is designed to move over a conveyor to draw the flask package, lift and move the flask to a coating area. Once there, the rollover will rotate the flask 70 degrees to allow for manual coating of the mould. After coating, the rollover will move the flask to another conveyor and set the flask on a bottom board to transfer to curing. As with any Vulcan product, they can customize this equipment to fit your foundry’s needs.”

Complimentary equipment – Acetarc Engineering foundry ladles, molten metal pouring systems and associated handling equipment
Globen has also secured the agency to represent Acetarc Engineering Co. Ltd, manufacturers of foundry ladles, molten metal pouring systems and associated handling equipment.

Acetarc is a family owned and run company, located in the north of England. The company was established in 1967 and their equipment can be found in many foundries around the world. Some of the users include MIS Engineering, Pentair, ME Elecmetal, Rolls Royce Naval Marine Inc., Magotteaux, amongst others.

For further details contact Eric Benvenuti of Globen Engineering Services and Supplies (Pty) Ltd on TEL: 082 450 8232 or email