10 000th SpectroMAXx device delivered

Several months ago, Spectro Analytical Instruments delivered the 10 000th SpectroMAXx metal analyser to Geely Automobile, a Chinese automotive and motorcycle manufacturer based in Hangzhou.

As part of its automotive and motorcycle production, Geely has raw materials, components and parts tested to determine whether they meet its quality requirements as well as international standards – and to avoid confusion. When the company looked for a suitable metal analyser for this important task, it undertook a thorough analysis of what was available on the market and ultimately chose the SpectroMAXx.

The leading applications for the SpectroMAXx are the incoming and outgoing goods controls in the metal industry and process monitoring in foundries. All elements used in the metal industry can be determined with it, including application-relevant analysis of carbon, phosphorous, sulfur and nitrogen. Corresponding calibration modules are available for iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, cobalt, titanium, magnesium, zinc, tin and lead matrices.

“Along with device performance, Spectro’s strong brand reputation, high profile in the automotive industry and comprehensive after-sales service played very important roles for us in the decision to choose Spectro,” says Mr. Du, QC Manager of Powertrain, Hangzhouwan Factory at Geely.

“Since its commissioning, the SpectroMAXx has impressed us with, among other things, its high stability and accuracy of analysis, a very low error rate, easy operation, self-diagnostic functions and low operating costs.”

Geely uses the device mainly to analyse various steel alloys, copper, sheet metal, bronze, aluminium alloys and nickel-based superalloys.

“Many of our samples are very unusually shaped, Sometimes they are very small or very thin. The analysis device must be accordingly flexible,” says Mr. Du.

The samples are analysed with respect to a number of elements, such as lead, tin, arsenic, silicon, magnesium, copper, zinc and alkali elements, such as for example lithium, sodium or strontium.

“10 000 units sold is an impressive demonstration of the performance and market acceptance of the SpectroMAXx. The device offers our customers a whole range of advantages. They receive high-quality and fast analyses. They appreciate the user-friendliness and benefit from low operating costs. I am therefore certain that the success story of the SpectroMAXx will continue for a long time,” says Spectro Managing Director Dr. Christoph Mätzig.

For further details contact Spectro Analytical South Africa on TEL: 011 979 4241 or visit www.spectro.com