Foundry Focus

October 2014


10 years ago Frantel Holdings’ entire business was focused on its aluminium gravity die casting foundry Alumacast

Just a few years ago Frantel Holdings’ entire business was focused on aluminium gravity die casting making the company’s success and profitability extremely susceptible to a handful of clients in the petrochemical industry, an area that the company was founded on in 2004.

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A plan comes together at G.E Patterns & Foundry

Around the world one dream unites foundry owners, regardless of their experience or specialty: greenfield capacity. Much can be accomplished with a clean slate. However in going this route, constraints such as cost, market opportunities, plant infrastructure, inaccessibility and local zoning rules are limiting factors to a foundry’s growth opportunities.

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June 2014


Vereeniging Foundries reaches 50 year milestone

When Wilfried Kappmeier and George Whittal sat talking over a cup of tea just over 50 years ago, planning their new venture of owning and running their own foundry, they could not have envisaged that their company would reach the milestone of 50 years in business.

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April 2014


A partnership that really works for Sigma Wear Parts

The company specialises in the manufacture of high integrity castings and the manufacture of atomised stainless steel shot and grit and low carbon steel shot. “I suppose it was inevitable that I would get involved in the foundry industry from an early age. My late dad Terry Ryan was a foundryman all his life,” said Eddie Ryan.

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Boschpick Engineering upgrades foundry operations to increase capacity and productivity

It sounds like a law or accounting firm when you say Boschpick Engineering is run by Peens, Peens & Peens. But you couldn’t be further from the connotation or perception associated with these professions when you visit or engage in business with the company.

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December 2013

Ind News Rapid 1

Rapid Allweiler foundry starting to pump out castings

Rapid Allweiler celebrated its 80th birthday in 2012 becoming part of a select group of companies in South Africa that have proved that consistent quality and service lead to longevity.

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Lusafrica executives constantly look at their operation to ascertain where they can be more productive

The latest equipment – an Inductotherm VIP Power-Trak and two 120 kilogram bodies –has increased capacity and productivity in its bronze melting department.

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Bringing it all together – Gear Pump Manufacturing

Machining operations complemented by the development of in-house foundry at Gear Pump Manufacturing. Gear Pump Manufacturing (GPM) is located in Cape Town, South Africa.

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