ABB introduces IRB 1200 Foundry Plus 2, smallest foundry robot in its class

ABB Robotics has unveiled its latest foundry robot for material handling and machine tending, the IRB 1200 Foundry Plus 2. The smallest foundry robot in its class, this compact robot can increase flexibility and reduce cycle times for precision die casting processes such as smart phone cases and other electrical components.

Now protected with Foundry Plus 2, ABB’s optional protection system, the IRB 1200 can withstand harsh environments and meets the requirements of protection ratings IP66/67. The IRB 1200 Foundry Plus 2 is IP66/67 compliant from base to wrist, meaning that the robot’s electrical compartments are sealed against liquid and solid contaminants. ABB Foundry Plus 2 robots are also unique due to their superior resistance to corrosion and capability to withstand high-pressure steam washing.


ABB Robotics’ new IRB 1200 Foundry Plus 2 is the smallest foundry-duty robot in its class, and is expected to increase flexibility and reduce cycle times for precision diecasting processes, for example

“Foundry robots have long contributed to the productivity and speed of heavy-duty metal casting and automotive applications, and are now becoming increasingly important in consumer electronics applications to cast light weight metals,” says Dr. Hui Zhang, head of product management, ABB Robotics. “This robot will allow our customers to increase productivity, deliver better work piece quality and reduce cycle times.”

First introduced in 2014, the IRB 1200 comes in two variants that can handle a wide range of applications and are cost effective due to commonality of parts. The 700mm reach variant can carry a payload of up to 7kg, while the longer reach 900mm variant can carry up to 5kg of payload.

The IRB 1200 is also available with Clean Room protection.

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