Advanced material preparation systems – Struers Tegramin

The powerful preparation system for high quality specimen preparation – grinding and polishing made easy.

The new Tegramin preparation system offers innovative solutions to improve your preparation results and help you deal with a variety of specimens and materials. The sturdy and rigid design ensures high quality preparation results and reliable day-to-day operation. Reproducibility is ensured by automated process control yet it is remarkably easy to operate.

Tegramin is available for three different disc sizes: Tegramin-30 for 300 mm discs, Tegramin-25 for 250 mm discs and Tegramin-20 for 200 mm discs.

Advanced functions such as automatic tube cleaning, different user levels, built-in consumable and method database, material removal by amount and the ability to store up to 200 user methods.

Additionally, the Tegramin is equipped with a variable disc speed of 400-600rpm and a variable specimen mover head speed of 50-150rpm. The variable speed feature of the head and the disc allow for greater functional use during preparation of very sensitive materials at low speeds, as well as preparation of standard materials utilizing high speeds to achieve higher material removal.


Environmental and safety features such as an emergency stop button, a transparent cover to encase the work environment, and the ability to connect to a recirculation cooling system help provide an improved work environment. The transparent cover encloses the entire preparation area keeping fumes contained. When the cover is connected to an exhaust system exposure to fumes is limited. The Tegramin cannot be started when the cover is open and if the cover is lifted during the preparation process the machine will stop. The cover assists in keeping personnel safe from rotating parts and fume exposure, while making the lab area a less hazardous work environment.

Convenient automatic dosing
Dosing modules increase reproducibility and keep consumable consumption under control.

Easy access and cleaning
The spacious oval bowl, a new MD-Disc design and a removable bowl liner facilitate cleaning.

Methods ensure reproducibility
The built-in method database ensures full control of all preparation parameters and improves reproducibility. With the LAN option consistent procedures can easily be implemented in all labs.

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