American Colloid unveils AMCOL Metalcasting

The Metalcasting Products Group of American Colloid Company, Hoffman Estates, Ill., USA has unveiled its new brand. AMCOL Metalcasting mirrors global parent company AMCOL International. The updated brand will appear across all marketing collateral, advertising and social media platforms.

With origins as American Colloid Company, along with establishing Volclay® as the global standard for premium foundry-grade bentonite, AMCOL Metalcasting has evolved to become the leading provider of green sand molding materials for the metalcasting industry for over 85 years. Their high-quality green sand bonds, specialty chromite sands, and resins, paired with a global network of technical support specialists, provides foundries with a unique solutions package unlike competing companies. Their unique ability to evaluate foundry operations, diagnose problems, and provide customized solutions, provides added value above and beyond their quality products.

AMCOL Metalcasting’s customised solutions are designed to enhance casting production and performance and are used worldwide by both small and large-scale metalcasting foundries. The complete product range consists of bentonites, customised performance blends, chromite sand, cellulose, specialty carbonaceous materials, and ferro-alloy bricks and briquettes, in addition to specialty metal treatments for non-ferrous foundries.

One of AMCOL Metalcasting’s most unique products is the Hevi-Sand® specialty chromite sand. Hevi-Sand® chromite sand is a versatile, unique aggregate tailored for traditionally difficult metalcasting applications. Selectively mined from the company’s own mine in South Africa, the unique characteristics and proven performance of Hevi-Sand® results in reduced costs and provides high-quality castings with excellent surface finish.

AMCOL Metalcasting also provides LOVOX®, a uniquely formulated, urethane binder system which offers significantly reduced VOCs, HAPs, and virtually no mixed sand odour. Its unique chemistry provides superior casting performance in non-ferrous applications.

For further details contact Volclay South Africa on TEL: 011 958 1667 or Arrie Schriek on 082 798 5219

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An aerial view of the AMCOAL Blatlhako plant and mine near Rustenburg, which manufactures the Hevi-Sand® foundry chromite sand. This photograph was taken in May 2011 before the construction of phase 2 had commenced at the plant in 2013. The $5 million (R40 million) upgrade to improve quality and throughput of foundry grade chromite sand was completed last year

Weigh feeder equipment, designed to maintain a pre-determined flow rate of product and eliminate over and under supply of product when bagging. This ensures higher accuracy during dispatch and gives the company traceability of product over any given time