Bruker G4 Icarus carbon / sulphur analyser

For rapid and precise carbon and sulphur measurements the G4 ICARUS HF, using the combustion method with high frequency induction furnace and infrared detection, proves highly effective especially with metallic materials and also with inorganic materials like cement, clays and many others. The solid sample, placed in a ceramic crucible together with accelerator material, is combusted in the high-frequency furnace in an oxygen stream.

The carbon and sulphur components in the sample are oxidized to release CO2 and SO2 respectively. These measuring components are swept by the carrier gas O2 to the solid-state NDIR detector system of maximum selectivity and stability.


The analyser is equipped with two measuring ranges for both CO2 and SO2 with automatic base line compensation (Automatic Level Control – ALC) and automatic optimum range selection. The calibration of the analyser is made by means of certified reference material.

The innovative design of the combustion area with the gas outlet positioned directly on top of the ceramic crucible for assisted removal of the formed metal oxide particles, leads to drastically reduced contamination of the quartz combustion tube by dust and slag. The integrated system pressure control and electronic flow regulation enable a fully automatic leak test, which can be invoked via the software.

The analyser is characterized by an easy operation and automatic evaluation by means of an external PC. During the analysis, all detector signals are displayed in real-time on the graphic screen. The analysis results together with the analogue detector signals and the complete set of parameters are displayed on the screen and stored. The complete data records can be transferred to an external computer system.

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