Dickinson Group of Companies appointed agents for Allied Mineral Products

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. (USA) has appointed the Vereeniging based Dickinson Group of Companies as their agents to market, sell and distribute their range of monolithic refractory products throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, including KwaZulu Natal.

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. offers a wide range of monolithic refractories, precast shapes, and technical services for companies in the foundry, aluminium, steel, cement, power, minerals processing, boiler, and heat treating and forging markets.

Allied, has designed, manufactured and sold monolithic refractories to the foundry industry since 1961.

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. designs and manufactures monolithic refractories and precast refractory shapes. The company’s product solutions include castables, dry vibratables, wet rammables, precast shapes, bricks/mortars, gunning materials, plastics, mica and cloth slips, plane products, fluxes, installation equipment, fiber insulation products, refractory coatings – additives, and stopper rods and nozzles.

The company offers products for coreless and channel induction, gas-fired, blast, shaft, electric arc, heat treat, forge, and vacuum coreless induction furnaces; and cupolas, ladles, and incinerators applications in foundry, steel, aluminium, heat treating, forging, industrial, and precast refractory shapes industries worldwide. The company serves its customers through sales and service representatives.


Some of the brand names include Dri-Vibe™, Minro-Al™, L-Cast™, Minro-Sil™, Ladle Vibe™, V-Cast™, Quick Cast™, Matricast and Matriflo.

The company was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA. It has manufacturing and office facilities in Columbus, Ohio; Tholen, Holland; Germiston, South Africa; and Tianjin, China. The company also has manufacturing facilities in Energieweg, the Netherlands; Foshan, China; Poços de Caldas, Brazil; and Brownsville, Texas.

In January 2008 Allied Mineral Products, Inc, acquired the remaining 49% shareholding of AMETSA from their joint venture partner Insimbi Alloy Supplies.

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. and Metallurg South Africa (Pty) Ltd., which subsequently changed its name to Insimbi Alloy Supplies after a MBO in 2005, formed their joint venture company – AMETSA (Allied Metallurg South Africa) – in August 1997 and initially operated primarily as a sales organisation until June 1998, supplying monolithic refractory products to the South African market, manufactured by Allied Mineral Products, Inc.

During this period a manufacturing facility was being set up in Germiston, Johannesburg, and the company began supplying locally manufactured product in March 1998.

At the time AMETSA offered a complete range of monolithic refractory products, including dry vibratables, low-moisture castables, castables for aluminium, coreless and channel induction furnaces, ladles and pouring units, blast furnace trough systems, arc furnaces, aluminium reverb and holding furnaces, in addition to plastics and ramming mixes to the South African market.

The Dickinson Group of Companies is a furnace and industrial services company focusing on the mining, smelting and mineral processing industries. The Group procures and manufactures refractory materials and specialises in the installation, repair and maintenance of refractory linings, furnaces, kilns, ovens, dryers, refractory fibre and anchor systems. The Group manufactures and installs anchor systems for all types of monolithic, ceramic fibre and brick refractory linings and customises refractory precast shapes. Its services include a furnace and industrial demolition service and turnkey refractory projects.

For further details contact the Dickinson Group of Companies on TEL: Tel: 016 421 3720 or visit www.dgrp.co.za