Endress + Hauser launch universal training rig

Develop your temperature measurement skills.

Endress + Hauser have launched a R1.8 million Universal Training Rig (UTR) that will allow trainees to experience “real life” instrument and control operation. Purpose built for Endress + Hauser South Africa at the company’s Application Training Centre in Reinach Switzerland, the UTR utilises 20 devices from the company’s extensive range of flow, level, pressure and pH measuring instruments in a variety of flow and control loop configurations.

The integrated oil, water, acid and alkaline reservoir tanks, combined with mixing and separation chambers allow a huge range of flow, level and pH conditions to be created through the utilisation of different control loop strategies based on pressure, temperature, level, density and pump speed primary values.


Whilst not emulating a production process of any specific industry, the UTR presents the application frame conditions in a way that offers a variety of training possibilities. An agitator (level disturbance), heater element (temperature changes) and injected compressed air (entrained gas) allow the process conditions to be interrupted in a controlled manner giving the trainee a practical perspective of the sensitivities of each instrumentation type operating under varying field conditions

All operational parameters including instrument selection are controlled via the integrated Programmable Logic Controller and touch screen display.

New training courses
From June this year the company will be offering two new intensive five day training courses targeted at technical plant personnel from Technician and Engineer grades right through to maintenance, engineering and project management. The two courses cover all of the major process measurements classes including level, flow, pressure, temperature and analytical starting from the principles of operation through to application topics such as meter selection, setup, installation and application issues, and trouble shooting. The trainee is introduced at a practical level to the standard Endress + Hauser instrument selection and sizing software tool “Applicator”, plus hands on instrument configuration and troubleshooting using the device keyboard and display as well as the service software tool “FieldCare”.

The courses are interactive with all theory accompanied by extensive practical assignments on the UTR itself, followed by written assessments thus maximising the learning experience.

For further details contact Endress+Hauser on TEL: 011 262 8000 or visit www.za.endress.com