Foseco’s SEMCO FF

Water based coatings reducing formaldehyde emissions.

Whether in our personal lives or in business, environmental sustainability is an increasingly high priority. We all must do our utmost to comply with new, more stringent and/or revised regulations in order to leave a healthier plant for the next generation.

Now is therefore the right time to apply products that can reduce the environmental impact of foundry operations.

Environmental sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda. As a company, Foseco is committed to setting the benchmark for sustainability in the foundry industry, complying with new, more stringent and revised regulations – and supporting our customers to do the same. The new SEMCO FF range of water-based coatings clearly demonstrates this commitment.

Typically, Formaldehyde releasing biocides are used to protect water-based coatings from microbial attack, however the formaldehyde will be released as a harmful emissions during the drying process. SEMCO FF coatings are designed to eliminate evolved formaldehyde; reducing foundry emissions and supporting foundries’ compliance with the latest EU regulations.

Water based coating
Since the conversion from solvent-based to water-based coatings is happening with increased speed in Europe, it is necessary to direct foundries’ attention to the effects of microorganisms on coating performance, which are not usually well known.

All Foseco water-based coatings have a built-in biocide that protects the product for the stated shelf life from deterioration due to microorganism growth. However, by diluting with impure water and/or introducing material into the coating that supports the growth of microorganisms over time (e.g., amine acts as fertilizer for bacteria), contamination can still occur.

These biocides remain within the applied wet coating layer and gradually release FH while the coating is dried. In cases when the drying is accelerated by use of drying ovens, FH emission levels tend to be higher in the oven and hence in the oven chimney, where the concentrated gases become of environmental interest.

Coating composition
Compared to the rest of the components required for coating manufacturing, the biocide is only a very small proportion (< 0.1%) of the whole, but still contributes to the overall FH level.

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