Globen Engineering Services and Supplies appointed agent for O.M.LER s.r.l.

Italian manufacturer of pneumatic decoring hammers O.M.LER s.r.l. has appointed local foundry equipment and services provider Globen Engineering Services and Supplies as its agent to market its products in South Africa.

O.M.LER’s distribution network includes countries like China, USA, Mexico, South Korea and India, amongst others. The company has embarked on a strategy to penetrate more countries and foundry markets outside of Europe, including South Africa.

“During the GIFA 2019 exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, O.M.LER had the opportunity to meet and find the right contacts for new agency relationships and agreements in other important foundry industry markets in the world. As a result, we had fruitful meetings with Eric Benvenuti of Globen Engineering Services and Supplies and we have now appointed his company as the sales agent of our products for the Southern African region,” said an O.M.LER s.r.l. spokesperson.

“Globen Engineering Services and Supplies has been selling and distributing foundry related products and services since its inception in 2015. This includes capital expenditure items such as plant and equipment. He already represents a number of well-known international manufacturers of foundry equipment and we believe our product range fits comfortably into his portfolio,” continued the spokesperson.

“Mr Benvenuti himself has had many years of experience working in a foundry environment and his technical knowledge of foundry processes and systems is vast.”

O.M.LER s.r.l. was established by the Lerda family in 1974 in the North West of Italy in the town of Bra in the Province of Cuneo. In cooperation with the company O.M.LER 2000, O.M.LER s.r.l. designs and manufactures decoring hammers for foundries in different models, depending on the kind of casting to decore, decoring benches and decoring machines.

The O.M.LER pneumatic decoring hammer is extensively used in other parts of the world to remove the sand core from cast iron, aluminium and steel castings manufactured for the automotive industry and other industries, in particular to remove the sand from automotive cylinder heads, engine blocks and others.

The O.M.LER decoring hammer can also be used, after casting, to remove and break up the ceramic shells required for the investment casting process. The O.M.LER decoring hammer can also be used for many other applications in the foundry industry.

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