Inductotherm, in partnership with Cerefco, set up coil repair workshop

In other news Cerefco have been appointed agents for Radyne, manufacturers of induction and controlled atmosphere heating equipment.

“We are pleased to announce that Inductotherm, in partnership with Cerefco, has established a state-of-the-art Inductotherm coil repair workshop. As a result of this development we will now be able to offer the coils that meet OEM standards, once the repair process is complete. Inductotherm takes great pride in its coil repairs by completely stripping all the insulation off the coil. By sandblasting the coil to bare copper, we are able to spot any problem areas and fix them. Generally, the life span of the repaired coil will be just as long as when the coil was originally supplied,” explained Cerefco’s MD Scott Melville.


“By allowing the OEM to repair the coil, you also get Inductotherm’s patented coil insulation. Inductotherm has many different types of insulations for different types of applications and installations. Many factors have to be considered when selecting the proper insulation for a particular coil.”



“It is our understanding that Inductotherm is the only repair facility in South Africa that is using helium to leak check the coil. Since the molecules in helium are smaller than water, helium can help discover any leak, no matter how small. Using helium is an extra expense for us, but we feel it is the best way to accurately check for even the smallest leak on a coil.”

“As you know, any size leak can lead to all types of problems after installation. Whether it leads to increased GLD reading due to wet refractory, decreased refractory life due to improper sintering, or even arcing from turn to turn using helium to leak check a coil can prevent these situations.”



Appointed agents for Radyne
“In other news Cerefco was recently appointed as the Southern African agent for Inductotherm’s Radyne brand, manufacturers of induction and controlled atmosphere heating equipment. Radyne products are built on a foundation of innovation. Spanning from hardening and tempering processes to brazing and annealing applications, Radyne products have a lineage of performance, flexibility and durability that deliver a consistent, high quality part every time.”

“Cerefco is pleased to have been involved with the installation and commissioning of several new Radyne systems recently.”

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