Lightweight design of GF Automotive wins the design award at the IMA Awards 2014

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) recognized advances in magnesium technology, products and processes in the 2014 Awards of Excellence and International Environmental Responsibility Award competitions during the 71st Annual World Magnesium Conference held in Munich, Germany in June.

The Awards of Excellence competition was open to all companies demonstrating outstanding examples of magnesium’s use, as well as magnesium products and manufacturing technologies in three categories: Design, Process, and Application.

The Environmental Responsibility Award is based on the achieved and documented reduction of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2eq), and is intended to include all aspects of the magnesium industry from primary production through to end-user industries. The IMA Awards of Excellence highlight how the magnesium industry is continually working to improve the manufacturing process and companies that provide innovative and improved products made from lightweight magnesium.


The Design Category includes subcategories for cast and wrought products and the competition seeks unique, novel and creative designs and product developments. The winning entries in this category demonstrate design and engineering that is a significant advance over current practice.

The Award of Excellence in the Design-Cast Product Automotive Category was presented to Georg Fischer GmbH & Co KG in Altenmarkt, Austria for an oil conduit module used in the powertrain of the Porsche Panamera. The part made using the magnesium high-pressure die casting process was developed with partner GF Automotive AG in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

“The oil conduct module is situated below the engine bloc of a combustion engine. It contains the oil reservoir and the attachment points for the oil filter and oil cooler. The module integrates the back and forward flow of the lubrication oil of the engine and ensures the degasing of the oil. The possibility to integrate many functions and attachment points and the chance to reduce weight [led] to the choice of a Magnesium die casting,” noted the company in their entry.

The oil conduct module is the first of its kind produced with creep resistant magnesium alloy (MgAl4Re4), resulting in 1 kg of weight saving compared to the previous aluminium part. The magnesium design features 100% casted oil ducts, and a finished casted sealing contour for the oil-water-heat exchanger. The manufacturing process included casting, machining and assembly of the component. The supplier delivered the module complete with oil-water-heat exchanger, oil filter, reduction piece and other small parts to their customer, Porsche.